Cognitive Abilities Present in Top Physicians

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It’s no secret that surgery takes some serious skill, but what cognitive skills are specific to the best surgeons? The surgical training industry breaks down some possible cognitive traits that may be found dominant in top-performing surgeons:

1. Divided attention: Having divided attention means you have the ability to remember information while you are performing another physical task, taking multi-tasking to the next level. Surgeons need to be able to provide personalized care to their patients by remembering background information as they operate.

2. Decision-making abilities: Decision-making abilities is a top skill requirement for surgeons, especially for surgeries that have unexpected roadblocks and outcomes. Staying calm and making rational decisions under pressure is an innate ability.

3. Quick processing speed: Physicians need to analyze sounds and perceive visuals at a fast pace, so that they can quickly adapt if anything goes awry.

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