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3 Things Your Medical Device Sales Team Needs to Know

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Medical device sales representatives have an incredibly complex profession. They must have their feet firmly planted in multiple industries while also possessing innate personable qualities. While some aspects of a good salesperson cannot be taught, there are plenty of effective methods to train your employees for medical device sales. Our medical sales training experts at the Nicholson Center have put together a checklist to ensure your team is well-versed and confident enough to land your biggest sales.

1. Physician Terminology: Can they hold their own with a physician?

Part of a medical device sales representative’s job is to meet with hospital and clinical representatives, physicians and other healthcare professionals. Most, if not all, of these individuals, will hold medical degrees and have specific terms they expect industry professionals to use. While your sales team does not need to be formally educated in medicine, they do need to be familiar with the terminology necessary to communicate with a physician.

2. Operating Room Protocol: Are they comfortable in the operating room?

Often, each team or individual will have to meet with a doctor in the OR and be able to provide a live demonstration of the device they are selling. Make sure your team has extensive, hands-on surgical and medical lab training, including proper protocol and sterilization for the OR, before they meet with the physician.

3. Corresponding Product Knowledge: Do they know more than just the product?

Take Mazor Robotics. Its sales division must not only be familiar with the surgical robot they are selling, but also the tools it controls. Your team should know about the procedure that involves your medical device and the associated instrumentation. Even further, a medical device salesperson may need in-depth healthcare training for certain procedures. For instance, with a surgical robot, they may need to know the ins and outs of the human anatomy to understand the full functionality of the device. For devices that don’t involve additional instrumentation, salespeople will need to know the exact process for implementing the device, such as an implantable device for heart disease.

At the Nicholson Center, we are fully equipped to make sure your sales division is as prepared as possible to hit the ground running. With the industry's largest in-house medical and surgical instrumentation inventory, we are prepared to set up for any specialty. Our facility is also home to a professional lab staff with over 100 years of combined healthcare training and education, and we have access to the adjacent Florida Hospital Celebration Health campus, where residing physicians can conduct demonstrations for your team. If your company has specific needs and requests, we would love to hear from you! To request services or schedule a tour, contact us today or visit our sales team training page below.

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