26th Annual Emerging Trends Cardiovascular Conference

Physicians working with medical equipment
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The 26th Annual Emerging Trends in Cardiovascular Conference is a day-long symposium being held at the Nicholson Center on October 7th, 2018. This symposium will is dedicated to the continued pursuit of the best procedures in caring for cardiac patients.

Course Overview

The symposium is designed to help nursing and allied health professionals navigate the newest technologies and techniques used to help cardiovascular patients in a variety of ways. This symposium will discuss the stabilization and maintenance of hemodynamic stability of patients with severe heart conditions, the care standards to be held in operations, transitional care, and quality, as well as working to improve the patient experience overall.

Learning Outcome

Throughout this course, the attendees can expect to learn the following topics.

  • Discuss the trends in cardiovascular acute care practice from a strategy and operational perspective.
  • Distinguish the transition of cardiovascular care from traditional hospital-based management to an ambulatory care setting.
  • Express how best practice is applied while maintaining quality, containing costs, and improving the overall patient experience.
  • Explain how frailty and co-morbidities impact outcomes of lung
  • transplantation.
  • Differentiate the risks and benefits of extracorporeal life support (ECLS) as a bridge to lung transplantation.
  • Discuss how an adapted donor management strategy can impact lung transplantation outcomes.
  • Outline the new techniques and trends in vascular surgery.
  • Recognize the change in practice patterns that conform to advances in vascular surgery.
  • Differentiate the different methods of anticoagulation therapy versus utilizing a left atrial appendage closure device.
  • Discuss the appropriate candidate for a left atrial closure device.

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