2015 in Review: Technological Advancements of the Year

Physicians working together
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Robotic surgery has progressed by leaps and bounds throughout 2015, with advancements in devices and training services making the surgeries safer and less invasive. These developments are a result of vast technological advances and widespread acceptance of robotic assistance in medical care. 2015 was a big year for implementing new robotic surgical devices, and below are some of the biggest technological advancements made for medical innovation.

Pop-up sensor
The pop-up sensor developed by Harvard researchers will give surgeons a sense of touch, which is one thing that has never been available to robotic surgeons in the operating room. The 3D technology sensor is still far from being ready, but it shouldn’t be long before robotic surgeons are able have a sense of touch while performing a surgical procedure. After launch, the next step in developing the pop-up sensor is to make it smaller and more durable.

Robotic surgical hand

Researchers from Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute are developing a robotic hand that will allow surgeons to have more control of all aspects of what happens on the operating table. The robotic device will be able to hold common surgical instruments used in the operating room, such as an endoscope, relieving surgical assistants who were typically responsible for the task.

Mechanical wrist

Earlier this year, we featured a mechanical wrist that can be used in needlescopic surgery. This mechanical wrist can be used to remove matter, dissect, or tie a knot while stitching during surgeries. Advances in devices like the mechanical wrist will make incisions significantly smaller and a patient’s recovery time shorter.

We look forward to the medical breakthroughs 2016 will bring, and we will continue to conduct our own research to contribute to the advancement of minimally-invasive surgery. Make sure to visit our blog regularly to stay updated on the year’s top technology, and cheers to the New Year!






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