Cancer-Fighting Technology

New cancer-fighting technology is headed for Kansas City. The Elekta Unity MRI Linear Accelerator offers the latest cancer-fighting technology, using MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy to pinpoint tumors and avoid healthy tissue.

Coming Soon: Caring for Cancer With Advanced Technology

Created by medical manufacturer Elekta, the Unity MR-Linac system delivers MRI-guided radiation therapy targeted to the affected area. Discover how this advanced radiation results in fewer treatments, side effects and trips to our cancer institute.

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How MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy Will Benefit You

This advanced therapy allows cancer experts and patients to see the tumor in real-time during radiation therapy. It’s a treatment system that enables personalized radiotherapy by integrating MRI to target tumors and a linear accelerator (Linac) to deliver high-dose radiation that eliminates cancer cells. Explore the incredible benefits this therapy offers for you and your treatment team.

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  • Shorter Treatments

    With Fewer Rounds

  • Revolutionizing Care

    For What Couldn’t Previously Be Treated

  • Fewer Side Effects

    With Less Damage to Healthy Tissue

  • Better Outcomes

    For More Patients

Effectively Treating a Range of Cancers

A large range of cancers — at least 40 different tumor types — can be treated with MRI-guided radiation therapy. This therapy is ideal for tumors in and around the chest or abdomen and for treating cancers located in difficult-to-visualize soft tissue.

MRI-guided radiation therapy with the MR-Linac system may be right for you if you need radiation therapy for breast, colon, esophageal, gynecologic or lung cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions About MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy

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  • Question: What's different about MRI-guided radiation therapy?


    Unlike other cancer radiation therapies, MRI-guided radiation therapy combines the imaging capabilities of an MRI with radiation to deliver care tailored to you. This means that doctors can see tumors that couldn’t be seen before in a much clearer way. It also means that your clinical team will be able to react to how your tumor responds to therapy and improve your treatment accordingly to eliminate cancer cells.

  • Question: What does it feel like to receive treatment on an MR-Linac?


    The experience is similar to an MRI scan; there’s no sensation associated with the radiation. You won’t feel the radiation or magnetic field. You can wear earplugs or headphones if you want to listen to music. The machine can be adapted for whatever position you are in, and you'll always be in communication with the radiation therapist.

  • Question: Is MRI-guided radiation therapy safe?


    Radiation therapy has been used to successfully treat cancer patients and eliminate cancer cells for many years, and advances have been made to ensure that it is safe and effective. MRI-guided radiation therapy guards your healthy organs against radiation exposure, which may mean fewer side effects than other treatment options.

  • Question: Are there any side effects to MRI-guided radiation therapy?


    MRI-guided radiation therapy helps guard your healthy organs against unnecessary radiation exposure, which means you may experience fewer side effects than other treatment options. By delivering a more targeted dose of treatment, this therapy can also result in the need for fewer treatment sessions overall. Although there can be side effects to any radiotherapy treatment, the most common side effects are typically temporary. Please be sure to talk to your doctor about any concerns or discomfort.

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Trusted Care for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

At our AdventHealth Cancer Institute here in Kansas City, you can count on us to care for your physical, emotional and spiritual needs, offering safe and proven treatments at every step. Our new $76.5 million, 71,000 square-foot building, opening in spring 2024, will bring leading-edge technology and open new doors in the future of cancer care.

Your Generosity Can Change Lives

The AdventHealth Kansas City Foundation has launched a fundraising campaign to support the new Cancer Institute. Community philanthropy is needed for construction as well as to provide advanced cancer carer such as MRI-guided radiation therapy using the Elekta Unity MR-Linac system which is not available anywhere else in the region.