Five Things the Nicholson Center Offers Medical Device Companies

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We talk a lot in our blogs about the research we are doing to advance medicine. But it’s also important we hit on the many opportunities we provide for medical device companies to be a part of the action and events we host. The resources available in our facility make the Nicholson Center the ultimate partner for these companies to reach target audiences through a variety of interactive and realistic experiences, and become a top medical device company.

Here are five key reasons you should consider the Nicholson Center for training if you’re a medical device company:

  1. We offer rentable research and development space that is available per day, week, or month. This includes access to a variety of meeting and clinical spaces, such as realistic operating rooms, 50 lab stations, and boardrooms to create the right environment for research, observation and feedback during the product lifecycle.
  2. We provide full digital and audio/visual integration with an on-site support team for a truly interactive experience for the company, their attendees and guests.
  3. Everybody’s welcome – we have a variety of spaces available to accommodate a group from 5 people to 500 people or more.
  4. We are part of Florida Hospital allowing our partners to have access to 27 hospitals and numerous physicians from a wide range of specialties.
  5. Our facility offers a realistic simulation of what an operating room or hospital is like, which is good for training sales representatives and other employees in an operating room on how to use advanced medical devices.

With a facility dedicated to advancing medical education, the Nicholson Center serves as the perfect resource to meet the needs of every medical device company. Conducting your training here gives your company access to an array of surgical instrumentation, in a private, clinical space that incorporates the latest in audio visual technology.

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