A Lesson in Surgery Preparedness – From Hurricane Season

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Being headquartered in Florida means we have plenty of experience in preparing for the worst when it comes to natural disasters. Our recent run-in with Hurricane Irma had us thinking about the amount of time we spend prepping our homes, families, companies and facilities in anticipation for the big storm, and how we can pull parallels for our dedication to surgical preparation.

With hurricane season in full-swing, you never know exactly how it might affect you. The same goes for preparing for surgery, since surgeons need to be ready for anything they could encounter in the OR. We have found that both with hurricanes and with surgery, preparation is of utmost importance.


At the Nicholson Center we offer training for a variety of specialties, with a focus on surgeries that utilize robotic platforms. Our programs include online technical platform training, didactic lectures, simulations and hands-on robotic labs. Health professionals, ranging from allied health to experienced physicians, travel from all over the world come to our facility to train with some of the most advanced medical technology available.


Similar to hurricane preparation, many surgeons use a checklist throughout procedures, taking all the proper steps to ensure patient safety. However, surgery is not a one-person job – it takes a team of dedicated OR staff to ensure successful outcomes from the simplest to the most complex surgical procedures. Similar to hurricane prep, surgery is all about communication and planning. We work with surgeons on team training, even implementing gaming methods to work on decision making skills within their team.

As we continue to learn from Florida’s hurricane planning, we also continue to provide medical professionals with the best training resource so they are prepared for any surgical situation. Visit our website to see what educational opportunities we offer.


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