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3 Effective Ways to Increase Event Registration

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Organizing an event, especially any type of medical conference, requires hard work and time. And when the event doesn’t draw the amount of people you were hoping, it can be disheartening. Here are some ways to increase registrations during your next conference.

Make Ticket Purchases as Easy as Possible

Streamlining the ticket process might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s always good to have a plan.

The registration process alone can deter potential attendees from signing up, as most users expect an instantaneous, user-friendly experience. It’s vital to not drag out the process and avoid asking for unnecessary information. While you may be tempted to include detailed questions about demographics or where the attendee heard about your company, try to save those for a post-event survey to speed up registration. Also, keep in mind which platform you use to register guests, making sure it’s recognizable and efficient. Examples include RegOnline, Eventbrite and Eventbee.

Be Strategic with Your Pricing

If you have a recurring event, reach out to the attendees from the previous conference or training and offer them a discounted rate for signing up early. Not only will this get the ball rolling, but it will allow you to focus on marketing to a new audience.

You should also consider early bird pricing to entice people who are on the fence to take action and attend. It’s important to note that early bird tickets need to be appealing, but still reasonable, and there should also be limitations to how many tickets someone can purchase. If you’re selling 300 tickets for the event, you should have a cutoff point at 75 or 100 to avoid selling too many tickets at a discounted price.

Go Beyond the Typical Promotion

There are plenty of methods to promote your event, but a crucial one is social media. When posting about the event, don’t just include the basics like time, location and speakers. Take a more creative approach, and post about the less obvious benefits of attending. Whether it’s making connections or learning new skills, make it known what attendees can gain from the experience.

Another great tool to use is a conference directory site, like Global Events List, which allows you the opportunity to promote your event to a large amount of people interested in attending specific types of conferences. When submitting, make sure you highlight the benefits and any other interesting details that makes your conference different.

Once you’ve got the right crowd, we can help you make sure your conference runs smoothly. Contact us to learn more about our events and CME services.

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