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Whole for the Holidays Wellness Challenge

November 29 - December 31

No registration required. Free for Wellness Center members. 
Non-Members can join the challenge for only $40* and become a member for 40 days!

Maintaining healthy habits during the holidays can be daunting. But, our team of exercise and lifestyle experts are here to help you feel Whole for the Holidays.

Whole person health is more than just a number on a scale and you'r more than just a body. While weight management is important, we want to focus on whole person health -- body, mind and spirit. Each week, beginning November 29 - December 31, we will focus on a wellness theme and provide expert guidance and advice to keep you Whole for the Holidays.

  • Week One: Fitness
  • Week Two: Nutrition
  • Week Three: Mindfulness
  • Week Four: Family and Relationships
  • Week Five: Fitness

Connect with us on our Facebook page (@AdventHealthWellnessCenterCelebration). And, look for our weekly emails and notifications through our “Celebration Fitness” mobile app.

For more information, stop by the front desk or call  Call407-303-4400.

*Membership valid Nov. 22 – Dec. 31 only. Must see a Membership Services Representative for details.