How can we help you at AdventHealth Sports Med and Rehab Central Florida South?

  • Medical Fitness Programs

    Learn how to exercise safely and effectively. The medical fitness program offers a wide-range of services to help you live healthy and happy

    Therapeutic Massage

    Relieve stress, improve circulation, relax your muscles and feel energized with your choice of therapeutic massage.


    We're proud to offer acupuncture as part of our comprehensive wellness program. Combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, acupuncture can keep you feeling great and...

    Acute Care Therapy

    When you need highly skilled therapy in the hospital setting, our physical, occupational and speech therapists are here to guide you to your rehabilitation goals. 

    Concussion Rehabilitation

    The Return to Learn program can assist your child in transitioning back to the classroom with minimal disruptions after a concussion. 

    Hearing Center

    From diagnostic hearing evaluations, infant screenings and treatment for auditory processing disorders, we offer a full suite of services. 

    Inpatient Rehabilitation

    Stay focused on your recovery in our dedicated rehabilitation facility. We’re here to help you regain function and independence after a serious medical diagnosis, such as a stroke,...

    Neurological Rehabilitation

    If you or a loved one is facing the challenge of a neurological impairment, our highly skilled and certified physical, occupational and speech therapists will be by your side to...

    Occupational Therapy

    Anyone experiencing shoulder, arm, or hand pain and/or dysfunction can benefit from occupational therapy. The focus of occupational therapy is the use of skilled therapeutic...

    Pediatric Rehabilitation

    Created for children with learning or physical disabilities resulting from injury, illness or congenital causes, the program serves children from birth to 17 years of age.

    Pelvic Health

    If you need treatment for musculoskeletal and pelvic floor dysfunction, our specially trained therapists can help. 

    Physical Therapy

    Physical therapists serve patients of all ages, from pediatrics to geriatrics and cover a multitude of specialties such as orthopedics, neurologic, pelvic health, and sports...

    Vestibular Program

    Our Vestibular Program offers therapists who are trained specifically to work with patients experiencing dizziness. Therapists can form a plan of treatment.