Nass 2017 Highlights Latest Advancements in Spine Care

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World’s Largest Spine Meeting and Exhibition Hits Orlando

With thousands of the world’s top surgeons, physiatrists, neurologists and other spine care specialists gathering in Orlando this October 25-28, it’s a good bet that the air around I-Drive and the convention center will be charged with anticipation about the latest breakthroughs in this rapidly evolving area of healthcare. The occasion is NASS 2017 – the 32nd annual meeting of the North American Spine Society and the largest event of its kind providing a look at new technologies, research and educational opportunities that are making a profound difference in the way that spinal injuries and diseases are diagnosed and treated.

Through interactive seminars led by world-renowned experts, hands-on surgical innovation labs, and a technical exhibition highlighting the latest tools of the trade, the best minds in spine care will share their ideas and research while getting a close-up look at state-of-the-art medical devices and their applications.

From a participant’s perspective, NASS 2017 offers a unique look at patient care from the position of multiple specialties in medicine that apply to the spine. Rather than solely focusing on the surgical arena, the program provides a broader view that includes multiple treatment options delivered by specialists across the board. Providers in attendance will also get a sense of who is taking the lead in spine care advancements, with an unbiased accounting of evolving capabilities across the medical field – including those in neuroscience, radiology, primary care, rehab, physiatry and more.

“For those professionals who put great emphasis on staying abreast of the latest advancements in our field, NASS is the best place to educate yourself and be sure you are getting the best, most evidence-based information available,” says Chetan Patel, MD, medical director of the Spine Health Institute in Altamonte Springs, FL, and a presenter/moderator for two of the conference’s featured symposiums. “For surgeons and non-surgeons alike,” he says, “it’s about ‘Does this offer help to my patients?’ And if so, how can I deliver it?”

Orlando Spine Surgeon Has Leading Role at NASS

As the chairman of NASS’s Navigation and Robotics Section and an internationally recognized spine surgeon practicing in the Orlando area, Dr. Patel calls the opportunity to lecture at NASS 2017 “a privilege,” and looks forward to his two presentations: “Using Navigation to Make Minimally Invasive Surgery Easier” and “New Options in Robotics: Understanding the Choices, Optimizing Techniques and Economic Considerations.” These seminars will capitalize on his in-depth knowledge of the latest robotic-assisted techniques and medical devices for complex spine surgery.

Dr. Patel’s chairman duties also extend to coordinating all of the navigation and robotics topics to be covered at the conference, along with signing up unbiased, expert presenters for those discussions. In doing so, he has focused squarely on the future – what’s around the next corner in terms of the very latest treatments being examined – and on the leading research in the field.

A strong advocate for evidence-based healthcare, Dr. Patel places the greatest emphasis in his own practice on improving patient outcomes through long-term, effective medical solutions. And he both hopes and expects that NASS’s gathering of the leading providers in the field will yield a greater understanding, awareness – and ultimately, advancement – of the state of spine care worldwide.

About NASS

With more than 8,000 members around the globe, NASS is the largest society of its kind representing orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, researchers and allied practitioners. This week’s NASS 2017 exposition is expected to draw approximately 3,500 spine care professionals from around the globe to participate in education and networking events designed to expand their knowledge of the latest techniques, procedures and technologies for use in spine care.

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