Best in Care: A Girl’s Best Friend

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How Dr. Patel helped Tracy continue her love of jewelry making.

Tracy Arrington followed her passion for jewelry making by enrolling in a jewelry and fabrication program at Winter Park Technical Institute. She soon began working with talented goldsmiths across the country and her pieces are now sold in more than 100 stores and art galleries across the world.

However, this wasn’t always the case. Tracy almost gave up her passion two years ago when she began having severe back pain. She was unable to stand and her business began to suffer. Fortunately, Tracy found Dr. Chetan Patel, [Link to Dr. Patel on site] medical director at the Spine Health Institute at Florida Hospital Altamonte.

“Once again, I’m active, I can walk and I can stand all day at trade shows with no pain,” she remarks. “I didn’t think this was possible!”

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