Central Floridian Crochets Hundreds of Red Hats for Newborns to Spread Awareness for Heart Disease, Congenital Heart Defects

Baby Lexi with red hat for News
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Over the last three months, Jo Marks has crocheted nearly 300 pint-sized red hats the perfect amount to outfit each baby delivered throughout February at the Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place at AdventHealth Winter Park.

With every hat she donates, Marks hopes it raises awareness of an important issue heart disease and congenital heart defects.

Typically people think heart disease just affects old people, but it affects babies too, Marks said.

Marks was inspired by the American Heart Associations Little Hats, Big Hearts initiative, which promotes awareness for heart disease and congenital defects by donating crocheted hats to newborns.

According to the AHA, heart disease is the number one killer of Americans, and congenital heart defects are the most common type of birth defect in the country.

We're delighted to see the donation of so many hats, which will help raise awareness that congenital heart defects affect one in 100 babies, said Meagan Mills, Communications Director, Greater Orlando American Heart Association. Illustrating that heart disease comes in many shapes and sizes, its a wonderful way to kick off American Heart Month just a few days away.

Marks got started on the hats in November, and on average, crocheted six a day. She delivered 280 of her hats to AdventHealth Winter Park just in time for American Heart Month.

We are so thankful for Jo and honored that we can help share this important message at the Baby Place, said Vickie Smith, Birth Experience Designer at Winter Park Memorial Hospital.

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