Phone Directory

AdventHealth Redmond

501 Redmond Rd, Rome, GA  30165

Call AdventHealth Redmond at706-291-0291

Departments Phone Number
Administration Call Administration at 706-802-3012
Admitting Call Admitting at 706-291-0298 x4220
Ask-A-Nurse Call Ask-A-Nurse at 706-528-9400
Billing Inquiries Call Billing Inquiries at 800-605-1486
Cancer Registry Call Cancer Registry at 706-802-3536
Cardiac Rehabilitation Call Cardiac Rehabilitation at 706-368-8050
Cardiology Call Cardiology at 706-236-4953
Case Management Call Case Management at 706-802-3802
Cath Lab Waiting Room Call Cath Lab Waiting Room at 706-802-3633
Central Scheduling Call Central Scheduling at 706-802-3575
Chaplain Call Chaplain at 706-802-3777
Diabetes Treatment Center Call Diabetes Treatment Center at 706-236-4956
Discharge Planning Call Discharge Planning at 706-802-3050
Education Call Education at 706-802-3379
Emergency Department Call Emergency Department at 706-236-4950
Employee Health Call Employee Health at 706-236-4968
EMS and Non- Emergency Transportation Call EMS and Non- Emergency Transportation at 706-295-2000
Ethics and Compliance Call Ethics and Compliance at 706-802-3015
General Information Call General Information at 706-291-0291
H2U Call H2U at 706-802-3924
Hospitalists Admissions or Consults Call Hospitalists Admissions or Consults at 706-368-8451
Human Resources Call Human Resources at 706-802-3018
ICU Waiting Room Call ICU Waiting Room at 706-802-4283
Inpatient Rehabilitation Call Inpatient Rehabilitation at 706-368-8340
Lung Clinic Call Lung Clinic at 706-368-8880
Marketing and Public Relations Call Marketing and Public Relations at 706-802-3732
Medicaid Eligibility Call Medicaid Eligibility at 706-802-3137
Medical Records / Health Information Management Call Medical Records / Health Information Management at 706-802-3496
Medical Staff Services Call Medical Staff Services at 706-802-3017
Menu Line Call Menu Line at 706-802-3663
Nursing Services Call Nursing Services at 706-802-3035
Occupational Health Call Occupational Health at 706-290-8003
Outpatient/ GI Services Call Outpatient/ GI Services at 706-802-3850
Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Call Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation at 706-368-8050
Outpatient Rehabilitation Rome Call Outpatient Rehabilitation Rome at 706-236-1911
Patient Information Call Patient Information at 706-291-0298 x4158
Pharmacy Department Call Pharmacy Department at 706-802-3784
Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Call Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy at 706-236-1911
Quality Call Quality at 706-802-3155
Radiology Call Radiology at 706-802-4820
Registration Call Registration at 706-802-3272
Regulatory Call Regulatory at 706-802-3038
Rehab (PT, OT and Speech) Call Rehab (PT, OT and Speech) at 706-802-3160
Rehabilitation Services Call Rehabilitation Services at 706-368-8340
Risk Management Call Risk Management at 706-802-3950
Social Services Call Social Services at 706-802-3050
Surgery Center of Rome Call Surgery Center of Rome at 706-802-3727
TDD/TTY for the Deaf only Call TDD/TTY for the Deaf only at 706-802-3165
Volunteer Services Call Volunteer Services at 706-802-3019
Women’s Center Call Women’s Center at 706-802-3575
Wound and Hyperbaric Center Call Wound and Hyperbaric Center at 706-234-0899