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The Care You Need, When You Need It

When you’ve got a cough that won’t quit or your little one comes home with pink eye, you can get the care you need without leaving home. All you have to do is log on and meet with a provider to start feeling better. In most cases, your provider will deliver a diagnosis and treatment plan just like during an in-person visit. And if you need a prescription, they’ll call it into your pharmacy.

For your virtual urgent care session, you must:

  • Be physically present in Colorado at the time of treatment due to licensing requirements
  • Be a parent or guardian and present for the visit if the patient is a minor
  • Have access to the patient’s online health care account
  • Have previously been seen at one of our facilities

How To Choose the Correct Kind of Care

While virtual urgent care is a great option for many of life’s last-minute medical needs, it’s not always the right choice. There are some symptoms or conditions that require in-person care. And remember, if you’re experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911 right away.

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How to Have a Successful Video Visit

Keep these tips in mind for your virtual urgent care visit:

  1. Position yourself in a well-lit room so that your provider can see you
  2. Set the camera at eye level
  3. Turn off electronics like speakers or screens to reduce background noise
  4. Be in a private space, as you’ll be discussing personal medical information
  5. Write down any questions for your provider before the visit
  6. Have paper and a pen ready to take notes
  7. Have your doctor’s office phone number handy
  8. Close any unnecessary programs on your device
  9. If you’re logging on with your web browser, test your device before the visit to ensure that your network, microphone and camera are working correctly

Contact and Billing Information

If your virtual urgent care visit results in a bill, it will come from US Acute Care Solutions (USACS), our virtual urgent care partner. If you elect not to have your insurance billed, you will receive a bill for a flat fee of $80.