Florida Hospital Flagler Educates Community on Memory Loss and Aging

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PALM COAST, Fla. March 20, 2018 On March 16, Florida Hospital Flagler family medicine physician Dr. Sharrell Cooper spoke about the impact aging can have on memory during the City of Palm Coasts Lunch n Learn Senior Series.

Cognitive change is a normal process of aging. Some cognitive functions, such as vocabulary, are usually retained, while others, such as processing speed, may decline, Cooper said during the event. This is different from mild cognitive impairment, which is the intermediate stage between the expected cognitive decline of normal aging, and the more-serious decline of dementia, a progressive decline in memory which impairs daily functioning.

According to the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association, lowering blood pressure may reduce the risk of developing both post-stroke dementia, as well as late-life dementia.

There are some lifestyle choices we can make to help prevent memory loss associated with aging, Cooper said. Foods rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids may be protective for both the heart and the brain. Staying adequately hydrated with water and limiting alcoholic consumption is key. In addition, staying mentally active with activities such as puzzles, discussion groups, reading, playing cards or board games, or a musical instrument can help too.

More than 100 community members attended the City of Palm Coasts Lunch n Learn Senior Series, sponsored by Florida Hospital Flagler.

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