AdventHealth Palm Coast Wind Retrofit Project RFQ For Building Envelope Commissioning Services

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RFQ 2022-02
FEMA Project No. 4337-345-R

Issue Date:

April 20, 2022

Statement of Qualifications Submittal Due Date:

May 11, 2022

Contact Information:
AdventHealth Palm Coast
60 Memorial Medical Parkway
Palm Coast, Florida 32164
[email protected]

Project Location

AdventHealth Palm Coast

60 Memorial Medical Parkway,

Palm Coast, FL 32164

Project Background and Purpose

The original hospital was constructed in the early 2000s and inpatient wings were constructed circa 2006 and 2016.

The exterior openings of the original building are not protected by impact resistant glazing systems. As a critical facility, the hospital requires to be retrofitted to current critical facility standards, including new impact windows.

The intent of this project is to protect all exterior openings from wind hazards by replacing all exterior openings with impact-resistant glass and associated glazing assemblies, exterior substrate, and the associated Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS).

The project shall provide protection against 150 MPH winds, or the wind speed protection and impact requirements indicated by the applicable Florida Building Code at the time permits are issued or by the effective Miami Dade Specifications, and all materials shall be certified to meet wind and impact standards. In addition, this project shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the American Healthcare Administration (AHCA) guidelines and regulations.

Seventy five percent (75%) of the project cost associated with this project will be funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) via the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) and will be governed by the terms and conditions for federal grants, including 2CRF200 regulations.

Scope of Work

The Building Envelope Commissioning Agent (BECx) will be responsible for providing 3rd party consultation services for this project.

Tasks to be Performed and Expected Deliverables


Review of Project Drawings and Specifications. The selected firm shall review the architect’s design and consult with AdventHealth (aka the owner) any information necessary to ensure a weather resistant finish product. This includes participating in project meetings and design reviews, when the architect is presenting proposed plans and cost estimates to Hospital Leaders, FEMA, and AHCA for consideration.


The selected BECx firm will assist the owner in reviewing and responding to plan review comments made by the architect.

    1. Bid Process. The selected BECx firm will review the construction bid package and offer recommendation of lowest responsive bidder.
    2. Pre-Construction Conference. The selected BECx firm will participate in pre-construction meeting with the owner, architect and construction manager.

During the Construction Phase the BECx firm will perform the following construction administration services:

4.1. Review shop submittal drawings and submittal products and provide review comments.

4.2 Make periodic site visits during construction for coordination purposes with the design and construction team and observe the installation

4.3. Perform Air and Water Fenestration Testing on 10% of the newly installed windows. If any tests result in a failure, another 10% of the newly installed windows will need to be tested.


Services will/shall commence as soon as can be scheduled. A Notice to Proceed is tentatively scheduled to be issued on May 23, 2022. Design and permitting services are expected to be finalized by July 29, 2022, the latest. Procurement Services are expected to take place through November 16, 2022, while Construction Services are anticipated to extend from December 2022 to December 2023.


One respondent will be awarded the contract for this project.


The following subsections are required minimum qualifications.

  • Respondents that are corporations, partnerships, or any other legal entity, shall be properly registered to do business in the State of Florida at the time of the submission of their Proposal to this RFQ, or shall attain licensure within 30 days of award of contract. Such Respondents shall attach its license to do business or a copy of its application for a license.
  • Neither Respondent nor any person or entity associated or partnering with Respondent has been the subject of any adverse findings that may prevent AdventHealth Palm Coast from selecting Respondent. Such adverse findings may include, but are not limited to, the following:
  1. Negative findings from the Inspector General, a Federal Inspector General, or from the U.S. Government Accountability Office, or from an Inspector General in another State
  2. Pending or unresolved legal action from the U.S. Attorney General or from an attorney general in another State or Territory
  3. Pending litigation with the USVI or any other State or Territory
  4. Arson conviction or pending case
  5. Harassment conviction or pending case
  6. Local, State, Federal or private mortgage arrears, default, or foreclosure proceedings
  7. In rem foreclosure
  8. Sale of tax lien or substantial tax arrears
  9. Fair Housing violations or current litigation
  10. Defaults under any Federal, Territory, State or locally sponsored program
  11. A record of substantial building code violations or litigation against properties owned and/or managed by Respondent or by any entity or individual that comprises Respondent
  12. Past or pending voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy proceeding
  13. Conviction for fraud, bribery, or grand larceny
  14. Listing on the Federal Debarment or State excluded-parties lists

  • Respondent has adequate financial resources to perform the contract, or the ability to obtain them.
  • Respondent can comply with the required or proposed delivery or performance schedule, taking into consideration all existing commercial and governmental business commitments.
  • Respondent has a satisfactory performance record.
  • Respondent has a satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics.
  • Respondent has the necessary organization, experience, operational controls, and technical skills, or the ability to obtain them.
  • Respondent has established prior experience in successfully performing the scope of services requested as it relates to wind retrofit projects.
  • Respondent and its employees hold and maintain any and all territorial, federal, state, and local licenses or certifications as required to perform the services requested.
  • Respondent is otherwise qualified and eligible to receive an award under applicable laws and regulations.


AdventHealth Palm Coast shall have a single prime BECx Consultant as the result of any contract negotiation, and that prime Consultant shall be responsible for all deliverables specified in the RFQ and proposal. This general requirement notwithstanding, Respondents may enter into subconsultant arrangements, however, they shall acknowledge in their proposal’s total responsibility for the entire contract. AdventHealth Palm Coast reserves the right to approve any subconsultant proposed for the contract.


This wind mitigation project is funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under the guidelines and regulations of The Stafford Act, and as such is subject to Federal audit and compliance. Additionally, the final contract for Building Envelope Commission Services as well as any subsequent construction contracts shall include the Federal clauses required by 2 CFR 200 Appendix II. Any funds disallowed by any federal government entity shall be disallowed from fee or compensation to the Consultant.



All proposals must be complete and convey all the information requested to be considered responsive. If the proposal fails to conform to any requirement of AdventHealth Palm Coast, AdventHealth Palm Coast alone will determine whether the defect is significant and, therefore, may not be considered. Only the information provided with the response, addenda, and materials submitted in response to Palm Coast’s requests for additional information will be used in the evaluation process and award determination. Failure to provide all information requested may result in disqualification.

All materials submitted in response to this RFQ shall become the property of AdventHealth Palm Coast and will not be returned. Selection or rejection of this proposal does not affect this provision.


Interested firms may submit questions during and after the non-mandatory onsite pre-proposal meeting and before the last day for questions per the RFQ Process Timeline, below. All questions shall be submitted electronically with the RFQ identifier to:

AdventHealth Palm Coast

[email protected]

Responses in the form of RFQ Addenda will be issued to all firms who have indicated an interest in submitting a proposal.

From the issue date of this RFQ until a determination is made regarding the selection of a Consultant, all contacts concerning this RFQ must be made through the email address provided above. Any violation of this condition is cause for AdventHealth Palm Coast to reject the Consultant’s package.

AdventHealth Palm Coast will not be responsible for any oral information given by any employee. Failure to ask questions, request changes or submit objections shall constitute the acceptance of all terms, conditions and requirements in this RFQ. AdventHealth Palm Coast reserves the right to amend this RFQ at any time.

Any amendments to the RFQ will be issued as written addenda. The issuance of a written addendum by the Procurement/Contract Officer is the only official method by which interpretation, clarification or additional information can be given. If AdventHealth Palm Coast amends this RFQ, the Procurement/Contract Officer will email the addenda to all potential respondents.

AdventHealth Palm Coast will not be held responsible if any potential respondent does not provide current contact information to receive all addenda. It is the responsibility of the potential respondents to update all contact information and contact AdventHealth Palm Coast via email at [email protected] to ensure that they receive all addenda prior to the submittal of their qualifications package.

The qualifications package will be considered non-responsive if all modifications are not incorporated.


Proposals shall be electronically Proposals must be

delivered as a single PDF file to: delivered by:

AdventHealth Palm Coast Wednesday, May 11, 2022

[email protected] 4:00 pm EST

Proposals delivered after this date and time will not be considered


The following are anticipated key dates and times (EST) in the RFQ process:

Issuance of RFQ-----------Wednesday, 04/20/2022
RSVP for Onsite Pre-Proposal Meeting11:00 amTuesday, 04/26/2022
Non-Mandatory Onsite Pre-Proposal Meeting9:00 amWednesday, 04/27/2022
Last Date for Written Questions11:59 pmMonday, 05/02/2022
Last Date for Responses to Questions4:00 pmWednesday, 05/04/2022
Proposal Due Date4:00 pmWednesday, 05/11/2022
Award Date (tentative)4:00 pmWednesday, 05/18/2022
Notice to Proceed (tentative)4:00 pmMonday, 05/23/2022

The Non-Mandatory Onsite Pre-Proposal Meeting will take place face-to-face in the hospital premises. Participation in this meeting is highly encouraged to ensure the participating firms’ accurate understanding of the project’s scope of work and grant requirements. To participate, interested firms will be required to RSVP by 11:00 am on Tuesday, 04/26/22 by submitting a written request to [email protected]. At that time, AdventHealth will provide interested firm specifics details where to meet on Wednesday, 04/27/2022 at 9:00 am.


Proposals shall be typewritten on standard 8 ½” x 11” paper. Pages shall have a one-inch margin and the font shall be 12-point Calibri. Written content of the Proposal must be set at one and one-half (1.5) line spacing. Larger paper (up to 11” x 17”) and smaller fonts are permissible for charts, diagrams, spreadsheets, etc. The mandatory documentation should be organized and submitted as a single file in PDF format.

Cover Page:

  • Proposer’s Name
  • Contact Information
  • Mailing address
  • RFQ submission date
  • Project title

Table of Contents

  • Clearly identify all sections referenced below

Tab One: Cover Letter

  • Cover letter should be provided on the company’s official business letterhead, if the proposal is submitted by an organization, with contact information. Must be signed by an officer of the organization authorized to bind the company contractually to all commitments made in their submittal. Limit the cover letter to 2-pages.
  • The letter should acknowledge the receipt of all addenda.
  • State that if awarded the contract, the firm or individual will be solely responsible for all aspects of the engagement including any portion that may be performed by subconsultants, if any.
  • Make a positive commitment to perform the work required as specified to industry standards of workmanship and in a professional manner.
  • State that the proposal package will remain in effect for a period of 90 days from the submission deadline and thereafter, until the firm withdraws it, or a contract is approved and executed, or the procurement is canceled, whichever occurs first.

Tab Two: Firm Profile (10 points)

  1. BECx Firm Profile: Name, Mailing Address, Phone, Website
  2. Number of Years in Business
  3. Type of Organization
  4. Description of Services Offered
  5. Professional and General Liability Insurance Coverage Description
  6. Proof of Licensure as a State of Florida Business, or in the jurisdiction in which it is located

Tab Three: Firm’s Key Personnel (20 points)

  1. Provide an organizational chart and resumes for all key personnel and their office addresses. This will include management and technical staff.
    1. Give brief resume of personnel to be assigned to the project including, but not limited to the following information:
      1. Name and title
      2. How many years of experience
      3. Experience
        1. Types of projects
        2. Size of projects
        3. What were the specific project involvements?
      4. Education
        1. Active registration(s) and certification(s)
          1. Provide all required licenses and certificates.
        2. Other experience and qualifications that are relevant to this project.
        3. Describe how the organizational structure will ensure orderly communication, distribution of information, effective coordination of activities, and accountability.
        4. Provide a statement as to whether the Consultant is a minority business enterprise, as defined in Section 288.703 Florida Statutes.

Tab Four: Sub-Consultants (10 points)

  1. Name any consultants, or subconsultants, which are included as part of the proposed team. Describe the proposed role of any persons outside your firm and their related experience. List projects on which your firm has worked with the person/firm in the past.
  2. Provide all required licenses and certificates.
  3. Provide a statement as to whether any subconsultant is a minority business enterprise, as defined in Section 288.703 Florida Statutes.

Tab Five: Project History (30 points)

Major consideration will be given to the successful completion of previous projects comparable in design, scope, and complexity to this wind mitigation project.

List projects which best illustrate the experience of your firm and current staff which is being assigned to this project. List no more than 5 projects, and no projects which were completed more than 10 years ago:

  1. Name and location of the project
  2. The nature of the firm’s responsibility on the project
  3. Project owner’s representative’s name, address, and phone number
  4. Project client agency’s representative’s name, address, and phone number
  5. Date project was completed or is anticipated to be completed
  6. Size of project
  7. Cost of project (construction cost)
  8. Work for which the staff was responsible

Tab Six: Project Approach (30 points)

  • Provide a description of the methodology and considerations your firm proposes to employ in the event it is selected to provide the requested services.
  • Provide a proposed project schedule

Tab Seven: Required Forms

Tab Eight (optional):

Brochure which describes the firm’s services, organization and examples of similar wind retrofit related work completed to date.

NOTE: AdventHealth reserves the right to request professional references in case they are necessary to complete a final evaluation of the interested BECx firms.


All submittals deemed responsive by the evaluation committee will be reviewed and scored according to the following criteria:

  1. Firm Profile 10 points
  2. Firm’s Key Personnel 20 points
  3. Sub-Consultants* 10 points
  4. Project History 30 points
  5. Project Approach 30 points
    Total 100 points

*Note: there will not be a point penalty if no sub-consultants are proposed to work on this contract. If this is the case, the 10 points from the Sub-Consultants category will be re-allocated to the Firm’s Key Personnel category, for a total of 30 points.


Attachment 1: Debarment Certification Form

Attachment 2: M/WBE Disclosure Form

Attachment 3: Addendum Acknowledgement

Attachment 4: Federal Requirements (for informational purposes)

Attachment 5: 2 CFR 200 Appendix II Regulations (for informational purposes)

Attachment 6: Proposal Pricing Form

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