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AdventHealth Palm Coast simulation center serves as a beacon of growth and excellence

Simulation Center Palm Coast

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Simulation Center Palm Coast

As the health care industry continues to grapple with shortages of clinicians on a national scale, the city of Palm Coast is home to an innovative solution: a state-of-the-art facility that has become the epicenter of learning and skill refinement for clinicians across Central Florida.

Since opening in 2022, the AdventHealth Palm Coast simulation center has experienced a remarkable surge in usage. In 2023, nearly 6,000 learners benefitting from its advanced training programs, marking a 20% increase from its first year.

“In our growing communities, there’s also a growing need for more health care services and caregivers, but national workforce shortages can make it challenging to ensure there are always enough clinicians on hand to deliver high-touch patient care,” said Kevin Holt, AdventHealth Palm Coast simulation operations manager. “That’s why this simulation center is so important. It gives us new and innovative ways to train and educate our current and future workforce and support aspiring clinicians in their career journeys, all while staying close to home.”

With five meticulously designed classroom labs that replicate patient rooms, this simulation center is the largest within AdventHealth’s Central Florida network, spanning from Flagler County to Osceola County, south of Orlando.

At the core of its success lies its cutting-edge simulation technology, offering nurses a hands-on experience like no other. Through interactive manikins capable of simulating diverse health conditions and scenarios, clinicians undergo realistic training, honing their skills and preparing for the complexities of real-world health care settings.

In addition to its impact in Flagler County, the center serves as a vital training ground for clinicians from other AdventHealth facilities in the region, as well as nursing students from higher education institutions, including the University of North Florida and Jacksonville University.

Throughout 2023, the simulation center hosted nearly 200 simulation events. October was the lab’s busiest month, with 27 simulation events training more than 550 learners, underscoring the facility’s pivotal role in professional development.

“As Palm Coast and our surrounding communities continue to grow, it is more important than ever that we maintain a robust health care workforce and help shape the next generation of clinicians,” said Amy Piazza, AdventHealth director of education and onboarding. “I am so proud of the team of educators and clinicians. Through their dedication to learning, the AdventHealth Palm Coast simulation center has emerged as a beacon of excellence, elevating the local health care landscape and ensuring that present and future nurses are equipped with the skills and knowledge to serve the diverse needs of our communities.”

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