Comfort Food is Part of the Compassionate Care at AdventHealth Palm Coast

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A few years ago, Carey Girouard’s mother-in-law was in hospice. While she was there comforting and supporting her mother-in-law, she noticed people coming to the facility and delivering baked goods and other food to the families of patients.

“There were total strangers bringing in baked goods for the families and staff,” recalls Carey. “That’s where I got the idea.”

“My mother-in-law enjoyed my baked goods and in fact, her last words to me were, 'Carey, don't stop baking.’"

It was this experience and charge from her mother-in-law that led her to start a program at the Stuart F. Meyer Hospice House in Palm Coast where baked goods and other comfort foods are brought for the families of patients to provide comfort for them during their loved ones’ end of life care.

“Each month, throughout the year, every week someone comes in and bakes something. Cakes, cookies, brownies, fruit trays, you name it. If they can bake it, they bring it here.”

Volunteers from all over the county regularly come in and bake on the premises or bring in baked goods from home.

“Supporting your family and loved ones through hospice can be a difficult time. We’re here to hopefully make it easier on you. It’s about just taking your time for a few moments to reach out to the families and say that we care. I believe what it says to the families is ‘you're our family and we want you to feel that way’. It's like a hug.”

The baked goods program at AdventHealth Palm Coast and the Stuart F. Meyer Hospice House is just one way patients and community members can find comfort and care. We’re committed to being by your side, giving you strength, supporting you and providing you with the highest possible level of care as your loved one transitions from this life.

Click hereto learn more about the compassionate, respectful care available at AdventHealth’s Hospice Care centers, or call Call1-800-404-1133.

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