An elderly couple riding the bicycle while he makes her laugh.
Prestige 55

Whole-Person Care

We all want the best for our families, our partners and our friends. But what about what's best for our own health? Getting active, getting together with new friends, and getting informed about new information on health and wellness out there just gets harder as we get older, doesn't it? The good thing is, you're not alone.

Life Made More Active 

Prestige 55 is dedicated to making life after 50 more active, informed, fun and full of friends. We plan events, volunteer and educational opportunities in your community and at AdventHealth Ocala centered on helping you live the healthiest, most active lifestyle possible. A wide variety of health-related seminars, wellness screenings and fitness programs are scheduled weekly for members. In addition to the many program offerings, each member is eligible to register for a free prescription drug card, hearing and eye screenings, facility tour and program orientation.

Prestige 55 publishes a professionally designed publication distributed every four months throughout the community. Words to the Wise advertises upcoming classes, provides important educational information and includes an overview of critical AdventHealth Ocala services. As an active partner in the healthcare community, you will receive numerous privileges with the Prestige 55 membership. More than 1300 educational programs are offered annually as well as fitness classes, wellness screenings and social/leisure activities all designed with your specific experience and healthcare needs in mind.

Senior Yoga

Prestige 55

Start living your healthiest, most fulfilling life possible. Find out how with membership, special member benefits and exciting upcoming events to fit your active lifestyle.