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AdventHealth North Pinellas is a Hicuity Health Winner

AdventHealth North Pinellas Team receives Hicuity Award

TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. - The Critical Care Unit at AdventHealth North Pinellas was recognized with a 2023 WE SEE YOU CARE Award presented by Hicuity Health, the nation’s leading provider of high-acuity telemedicine services. Now in its eighth year, the recognition program highlights the collaboration on acute care telemedicine among facility providers and nurses and Hicuity Health’s team, both clinical and non-clinical, who together contribute to the successful delivery of patient care. AdventHealth North Pinellas was selected among nominees from Hicuity Health’s more than 150 hospital and health systems partners.

“AdventHealth North Pinellas is honored to be recognized by Hicuity Health as a valued care collaboration partner and for all that we have achieved together by leveraging technology-enabled care services to elevate patient care,” said Ryan Quattlebaum, president and CEO of AdventHealth North Pinellas. “We are pleased to accept this WE SEE YOU CARE Award as a testimony to the power of collaborative telemedicine to improve our clinical outcomes and operational achievements.”

AdventHealth North Pinellas was recognized in a ceremony on Monday, September 25, 2023, and was also honored with a donation to the AdventHealth North Pinellas Foundation. The WE SEE YOU CARE Award was introduced by Hicuity Health in 2016 to acknowledge the exemplary efforts of bedside clinicians and team members from partner hospitals in leveraging acute care telemedicine to improve how care is delivered for both patients and their families. The accolade is especially noteworthy this year, given the frontline role that hospitals and their teams played in caring for patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Hicuity Health is dedicated to leveraging evidence-based practices, our workflow management technology platform, and 24/7 care team attention to collaborate with our partner hospitals in their efforts to elevate patient care and save lives while also improving the lifestyles of their bedside providers,” said Lou Silverman, CEO of Hicuity Health. “Our team recognizes that collaboration is the cornerstone of our success, which is why we are proud to recognize AdventHealth North Pinellas with our 2023 WE SEE YOU CARE Award in acknowledgment of an extremely rewarding and impactful clinical partnership over the past year.”

In all, the 2023 WE SEE YOU CARE Awards honored 11 recipients for their individual, team, and facility-wide dedication to patient care in collaborating with Hicuity Health.

Hicuity Health elevates what is possible in care delivery by leveraging its proprietary HUB workflow management technology platform to enable seamless care delivery across eleven clinical care centers that serve more than 150 hospital partners located in 32 states nationwide. The healthcare services organization cares for more than 160,000 patients per year, delivering enhanced patient outcomes, tangible ROI, and expert clinical support for their partner hospital’s bedside teams.

About Hicuity Health

Since its founding in 2006, Hicuity Health has pioneered provider-to-provider telemedicine, fueling success with clinical and technical innovation. Our award-winning clinical service lines – virtual nursing, tele-ICU, remote inpatient telemetry, virtual sitter, and smart device monitoring – address clinical needs and staffing shortages for a diverse range of clients and care venues, including health systems, hospitals, post-acute care facilities, and at-home acute care environments. The company is the leader in delivering expert care in support of bedside care teams in high-acuity environments. Our 17-year record of innovation is exemplified by our proprietary HUB workflow management technology platform, which enables seamless care delivery customized to each partner and informs patient management across our nationwide clinical care network. If our care for more than 160,000 patients each year was delivered in a single building, Hicuity would be the largest acute care hospital in the nation. Hicuity Health delivers enhanced patient outcomes, tangible ROI, and expert clinical support for our partner hospitals and collaborative support for their clinical leadership.