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If you’re carrying more weight around than is healthy, we understand. Losing weight isn’t an easy process. If you’ve already tried diet and exercise weight loss programs and haven’t achieved lasting results, you may be a candidate for weight-loss surgery. If so, our bariatric surgery specialists at AdventHealth Manchester, formerly Manchester Memorial Hospital, are here to support you with care and compassion. 

Our bariatric surgery center is an accredited Level 2 facility under the Bariatric Surgery Center Network Accreditation Program of the American College of Surgeons. While offering the latest advancements in weight loss solutions and the highest standard of quality care, our committed team prioritizes your whole health, never losing sight of the importance of your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

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Weight Loss Solutions to Help You Reach and Maintain a Healthy Weight

Losing weight is always a challenge, even when you know that obesity can affect your health, along with your emotional and spiritual well-being. If it leads to associated conditions, like diabetes and heart disease, the number on the scale can even become a danger. But there’s no need to be afraid. We have plenty of weight-loss solutions, and the dedicated team at AdventHealth Manchester, formerly Manchester Memorial Hospital, can help you explore and understand them all.

With a changing appetite, your lifestyle, and your own emotional ups and downs all influencing your weight, losing extra pounds can sometimes feel like an impossible task. If that’s the case, medical weight loss may be the right choice for you. At AdventHealth Manchester, our bariatric specialists offer minimally invasive weight loss surgery options that can help you lose extra weight, achieve a more-active lifestyle, and possibly overcome related health conditions.

Are You a Good Candidate for Bariatric Surgery?

The next step in your personal weight loss story is determining whether or not you’re a good candidate for bariatric surgery. Though your BMI is an important factor, our caring, empathetic team of bariatric specialists will also consider factors like your related health conditions, your age, and whether or not you’ve tried other weight loss programs before.

In general, a BMI of 40 or more, or a BMI of 30 to 39 along with the presence of two or more coexisting medical conditions, makes you eligible for medical weight loss surgery. Either way, our team can direct you toward helpful specialists across our comprehensive, Manchester-based team as well as the AdventHealth network, which includes dietitians, physical therapists, nutritionists, and more. We'll also provide a free seminar before your bariatric surgery, so you can find out what to expect.

If a bariatric procedure is appropriate, we’ll develop a personalized care plan that takes into account your individual needs, goals, and concerns. Our advanced, minimally invasive treatment options include laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, a popular procedure that places a silastic band around your stomach. When firmly in place, the band helps control your hunger and appetite, which, in turn, helps to control your weight. Whatever weight-loss solution you and your team decide is best, we’ll be by your side to provide support for your whole-person health and wellness — with support groups, dietary counseling, exercise counseling, and plastic surgery consultation.

Clearing the Barriers to Weight Loss

When you feel better about yourself, your outlook improves — and that includes not just your body, but your mind and spirit as well. There’s an important connection between your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. When you're mentally and spiritually out of sorts, it can affect your physical health, too — and you may even notice that it affects your diet, lifestyle, and weight. That’s why AdventHealth Manchester places so much importance on your all-around health and happiness.

With behavioral health services, a chaplain who’s available 24/7, access to support groups, dietary counseling, and exercise planning, we’ll help you leap over the barriers that stand between you and a healthier, more positive future.

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Our expert team of Bariatric and Weight Care specialists is here to help you achieve a healthier weight and a healthier life. Trust our network of care to help guide and support you in your journey to wellness. With access to a wide range of medical professionals, community resources, and local support services, you can count on our multidisciplinary team to help you overcome any roadblocks in your journey to better health. We are here to be your coach — and biggest cheerleader — on the way to success.