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AdventHealth Hendersonville’s New MRI offers Cutting-Edge Technology to More Members of the Community

AdventHealth Hendersonville’s New MRI offers Cutting-Edge Technology to More Members of the Community

Sep 21, 2023; HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. – AdventHealth Hendersonville is excited to offer the latest in MRI technology to patients across Western North Carolina. Patients can now experience a more comfortable and convenient scan with the cutting-edge technology offered by the GE SIGNA™ Voyager 1.5T. The new scanner provides a patient-friendly design, stream-lined performance leading to shorter scan times, and better image quality.

An MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is a non-invasive imaging technique that creates detailed, 3D images of organs and tissues of the body. These 3D images can be viewed from different angles and help doctors see what is going on inside a patient. They use the images to diagnose a variety of issues involving the brain, heart, bones and joints, and internal organs.

The GE SIGNA ™ Voyager allows AdventHealth Hendersonville to care for more members of the community by having a higher weight limit at 500 lbs versus 350 lbs. It also has a wider opening to accommodate people with wider shoulders. This leading-edge technology provides the ability to perform cardiac, prostate, and breast imaging for a more comprehensive patient exam. By utilizing Adaptive AIR ™ Coils it provides comfort and coverage for all types of scans and patients.

AdventHealth Hendersonville is committed to providing patient-friendly care. With the use of the new MRI scanner, patients are able to enjoy their own comfort suite to keep them calm and relaxed during their scans. The scan times are shorter and offer a more comfortable experience for patients of all sizes.

“We have a beautiful comfort suite that plays music and glows with different colors,” says Kim Brown, MBA, RT(R)(M)CNMT, Director of Imaging at AdventHealth Hendersonville. “The patient can pick their own color and music. Scans are extremely fast, so if someone is claustrophobic, they do not have to stay on the scanner for long. Full anesthesia is also available for anyone who can’t tolerate an MRI due to pain or claustrophobia.”

This versatile and intelligent scanner provides a consistently better-quality image. It reduces background noise and artifacts, which leads to significantly reduced scan times for patients. The GE SIGNA ™ Voyager can provide an optimized scan time can be up to 50% faster, improving productivity and patient experience.

This latest addition to the Imaging Services at AdventHealth Hendersonville is just one more way AdventHealth fulfills its promise of whole-person care – body, mind and spirit. To learn more or schedule an appointment visit or call Call828-681-2180.