Gordon Home Care recognized as number one home care agency in Georgia

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Gordon Hospital, a member of Adventist Health System, is pleased to announce that Gordon Home Care has received a five-star rating in quality of patient care and in patient surveys from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This designation places Gordon Home Care number one in Georgia.

The quality of patient care star rating is based on OASIS assessments and Medicare claims data. To measure the quality of each practice, CMS uses nine different process and outcome measures. The patient survey star ratings are based on HHCAHPS survey data. These surveys are designed to measure the experiences of patients receiving home health care from Medicare-certified practices.

Based on the CMS star ratings, Gordon Home Care is the top rated home health practice in Georgia as it is the only practice to receive a five-star rating in quality of patient care in the state. Out of 9,363 agencies reporting, Gordon Home Care ranked in the 97th percentile. The practice was also given a five-star rating in patient surveys by CMS.

To recognize this outstanding achievement, Gordon Home Care was celebrated with a congratulatory dinner on Tuesday, May 31, 2016. Cory Reeves, chief financial officer of Gordon Hospital, opened the dinner by commending the Gordon Home Care employees for their hard work and dedication. Pete Weber, president and CEO of Gordon Hospital, then spoke his congratulations and blessed the dinner.

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