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Barton Recognized with DAISY Lifetime Achievement Award

Sandy Barton_DAISY Award

Sandra Barton, MSN, RN, has been recognized with AdventHealth Gordon’s DAISY Lifetime Achievement Award.

The DAISY Lifetime Achievement Award was created to recognize those nurses who have devoted their life's work to the compassionate care of others. Recipients of this award are nominated for their dedication to nursing through active mentoring, role modeling, advocating for their patients and promoting the positive image of nursing. They serve as a beacon of inspiration to those at all stages of their career and in the various and important roles of nursing.

Barton, lead nurse educator at AdventHealth Gordon, received five nominations from her coworkers. The following are excerpts from each nomination: “Sandy is the exemplar of an excellent nurse. She displays her heart for nursing in all that she does. She is a nurturer, an encourager, a teacher, a mentor and a leader with just the right touch to educate and provide feedback, even in difficult situations. She brings the humor we need during stressful circumstances. We can count on Sandy to bring a smile to our face with every interaction.

“Sandy is an excellent role model and advocate for nursing. She is compassionate and inspires others to learn and grow in nursing and in faith. She loves her community and serves others with her whole heart. She is a leader because she works with others and encourages them to be the best that they can be.

“I believe every department in this hospital views Sandy as a compassionate, caring, Christian woman. Even when she has her own personal trials, she is always there for anyone and everyone. I admire her vast knowledge, strength, but most of all for the love she has for others.

“When I think of our hospital’s mission, to extend the healing ministry of Christ, I think of Sandy. She is a healer, not only to patients through her fine-tuned clinical skills, but to the employees of this hospital by being her authentic self. So long as I live, I doubt I will ever meet another Sandy Barton. To know Sandy is to love her. I am blessed beyond measure to have had her as a leader. She’s taught me a lot about life, not just nursing. She has this amazing energy to make those around her feel valued and heard. She has the courage to be herself. She is real.

“Sandy is committed to nursing excellence and has many tools in her tool belt that prove her commitment over the years. She has served in various areas of nursing and is consistent in her character and practice no matter her location. Her faith is integral in how she works, treats patients and in her care for others. She lives out the scripture that speaks on loving one another. She loves big, always.”

If you or a loved one have been a patient at AdventHealth Gordon and would like to nominate an extraordinary nurse for the DAISY Award, please call 706-602-7800 ext. 2258.

To find out more about the program, including the growing list of partners, please go to www.DAISYfoundation.org.

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