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AdventHealth Gordon Receives PCI Program Accreditation from Corazon

PCI Accreditation_AdventHealth Gordon

Corazon, Inc., a national leader in services for the cardiovascular specialty based in Pittsburgh, has granted accreditation to the PCI program at AdventHealth Gordon. Through a rigorous process, the accreditation proves that the program at AdventHealth Gordon has met or exceeded the established rules set by the Georgia Department of Community Health (GA DCH).

In 2009, the GA DCH established rules for programs not having onsite open-heart surgery to offer therapeutic cardiac catheterization. In order to do so, the facility must meet the criteria as established by the GA DCH, such as 24/7/365 “on call” availability for acute myocardial infarction patients, ensuring clinical staff is adept in caring for and managing hemodynamically unstable cardiac patients and have tested and proven processes for the transfer of critically ill patients should they require a higher level of cardiac care.

“We are so thrilled to receive this accreditation only four months after starting to offer 24/7 PCI and STEMI services,” said Destiny Howe, nurse manager of AdventHealth Gordon’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab. “Families can rest assured that they now have access to life-saving heart care at AdventHealth Gordon. If the time comes where they need care emergently, we will be here to offer the best in our area.”

AdventHealth Gordon has demonstrated through their accreditation survey that they are committed to providing the highest quality level of care to their patient community. Their dedication, hard work and exceptional leadership has afforded this opportunity in engaging their entire hospital team, enhancing their cardiac service line, thus allowing them to excel through achieving this accreditation.

Corazon also offers consulting, recruitment and interim management for the heart, vascular, neuroscience, spine and orthopedic specialties. The firm has worked with over 600 hospitals nationally to evaluate, re-engineer or implement best-practice PCI programs. Corazon is a long-time champion for PCI without onsite open-heart surgery and assisted with the opening of the first PCI program of this type in Pennsylvania over 12 years ago. Corazon has been a verifier for PCI programs in the state of Georgia for several years and was instrumental in building a consortium of hospitals to drive the legislative changes in the State of Georgia.

As an accrediting agency on behalf of the GA DCH, Corazon helps to ensure life-saving services are provided in communities across the state.

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