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Seabreeze Junior's Resilience: From Diagnosis to Christmas Tree Illumination

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From Diagnosis to Christmas Tree Illumination_Brogan Kelly (1)

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Brogan Kelly, a junior at Seabreeze High School, took center stage at AdventHealth Daytona Beach on Dec. 7, illuminating the Christmas trees in a heartwarming ceremony.

This moment of festive joy follows a challenging year for Kelly, who faced a life-saving diagnosis during AdventHealth’s annual free physicals event in the spring at the Daytona International Speedway.

“We are grateful to the AdventHealth team for helping Brogan through this health scare and for allowing him to celebrate the holidays with a healthy heart,” said Brogan’s parents, Josh and Barbara Kelly.

As the official health care champion of Volusia County Schools, AdventHealth goes above and beyond standard state or county requirements and checks students for abnormal heart rhythms during these annual physicals.

Amid the routine screenings for athletes, band members and Jr. ROTC members within Volusia County Schools, AdventHealth clinicians identified an abnormality in Kelly’s heart rhythm. This discovery prompted further tests, which led to a diagnosis of an anomalous right coronary artery, a congenital defect with potentially severe consequences. This condition affects the blood flow to the heart and can cause sudden cardiac arrest, especially during strenuous exercise. Because of how serious this condition is, Kelly needed open-heart surgery right away.

From Diagnosis to Christmas Tree Illumination_Brogan Kelly (2)

Kelly has been an active participant in many local youth sports programs, including football, baseball, basketball, golf, weightlifting, and wrestling, and aspires to play college football.

Just two months after his surgery, Kelly was cleared to start golfing and hopes to soon resume the other sports he loves.

“Brogan’s story underscores how a simple screening can save a life and showcases his ability to overcome a major challenge with courage and optimism,” said David Weis, president and CEO of AdventHealth Daytona Beach.

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