Ready, Set BABY

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  • Having a baby is a wonderful and life-changing event, each time you experience it. You may already be noticing changes in your body such as the way you walk, larger breasts, and a growing abdomen with a moving baby. Each experience is unique, so having expert support to help you along this journey offers invaluable reassurance for you and your family.

    Even if you have had a baby before, you can gain new knowledge from attending our “Ready, Set Baby” Infant Feeding Class. This FREE class allows you to receive the latest study related information about:

    • What to expect at the BirthCare Center when it time to give birth
    • What to expect during your postpartum stay
    • Infant feeding options/breastfeeding tips and techniques
    • Advice and recommendations for care one you are home with your baby

    You will receive the Microsoft Teams link a few days before class begins.

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