Baby Bunch- Breastfeeding Support Group

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Breastfeeding is natural, but not like breathing; more like learning to walk. It takes time, practice, and there may be a few bumps along the way.

Many moms prepare for breastfeeding prenatally by taking breastfeeding classes and reading everything they can find about how to breastfeed. This is very important, but you never truly know what to expect until you get home with your baby. The Baby Place at AdventHealth Daytona Beach is here to help you with your breastfeeding experience.

Our Baby Bunch breastfeeding support group meets every Monday from 12:30pm - 2:30pm to offer moms the opportunity to ask questions and gain assistance from an IBCLC- Lactation Consultant in a small group setting. Baby Bunch provides a space for moms to connect with other breastfeeding moms so they can discuss highs and lows of their breastfeeding journey and share any challenges that they are experiencing. You will also have the opportunity to weigh and record your baby’s weight so you can see the positive results of all of your hard work. This group is for moms with babies age newborn to 12 months old. Baby Bunch is offered in person and is free to attend. Registration is recommended.

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