Woman Discussing Her Pain with Doctor

Finding Your Best Health at Home

When you’re recovering from heart failure, it’s important to have the right people by your side to get you back on track. Your condition, while serious, is manageable. And with the help of our team, you’ll have the education, tools, and strategies necessary to find your better health.

How Our Heart Program Can Help

We’ll teach you how to make lifestyle changes and manage your medications. Our nurses will visit you at home to monitor your progress and teach you how to:

  • Follow your doctor’s treatment plan
  • Keep track of and monitor your symptoms
  • Manage your medications and their side effects
  • Eat smart and get to a healthy weight
  • Monitor your intake of fluids
  • Make healthy—and reasonable—lifestyle changes
Primary Care Nurse with Women

Your Rehabilitation Team

As you get better, you’ll work with physical and occupational therapists, as well as speech-language pathologists, to measure your strength and endurance. Your team will create a rehabilitation plan specifically for you, which will include everything from preventing falls to finding an exercise program that works for you.