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Most Common Holiday Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

A mother and her daughter cooking holiday dinner together
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This holiday season, keep your family safe, healthy, and happy with these tips for avoiding some of the most common holiday mishaps.

Be Careful When Decorating

Decorating both inside and outside your house can present certain dangers unless you take the proper precautions. Unsteady ladders or stepladders cause thousands of people to fall each year while decorating their homes and Christmas trees. And lifting heavy items high above your head can also strain muscles, causing pain.

This year when you decorate, follow these tips:

  • Ask for help lifting heavy objects
  • Always keep one hand on the ladder
  • Ensure ladders are steady and locked open
  • Keep your body within the borders of the ladder
  • Never stand above the second-highest rung

Concentrate on Cooking

The kitchen is another common spot for both holiday illnesses and injuries. Knives can cause cuts, hot pans can cause burns, and unsafe practices can lead to the spread of bacteria. And, you’re at greater risk the more hurried you feel when preparing holiday dishes.

This year to safeguard you, your kitchen, and your loved ones, you might try:

  • Asking others to pitch in
  • Having plenty of oven mitts ready
  • Keeping the kitchen clear and clean
  • Planning your meal (and for any holiday parties) in advance
  • Separating cooked and uncooked ingredients
  • Sharpening your knives before use
  • ​​Washing your utensils, surfaces, and hands after touching raw meat

Don’t Forget Your Health

It’s easy to get caught up in the holidays and forget your normal routine but doing so can spell trouble. Always be sure to pack your medication for trips — if you do forget it, call the Member Experience Center at Call855-747-7476 so we can help send your prescription to a pharmacy near you. Don’t forget to take your medication either. If necessary, set alarms to take pills, check blood sugars, talk a walk, or just check in on how you feel.

Think Before You Eat

You should also be careful of what you eat. Overeating and drinking can lead to many health issues, from acid reflux to heart attacks. Stay safe by:

  • Balance your plate, eating half fruits or vegetables and half of the other foods like carbohydrates and meats
  • Eating slowly and only in small portions
  • Limit your alcohol intake
  • When drinking, have a designated driver at-the-ready

Unwrap With Care

Finally, even unwrapping presents can present a risk of cuts and lacerations, especially presents that are in thick plastic. When using knives, box cutters, or scissors, always be careful as you cut objects open. Also, be sure to stow sharp objects away when they aren’t in use so they don’t get lost in the wrapping paper and aren’t in a child’s reach.

Have a Holiday Health Plan

Even the best-laid health and safety plans can go awry. That’s why it’s important you know about the convenient AdventHealth locations near you for all levels of holiday care. Call the Member Experience Center at Call855-747-7476 so we can help you find these locations and make appointments for important screenings you may need around this time to prevent any surprises.

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