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Have You Scheduled Your Annual Wellness Visit Yet?

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Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep your health at an optimal level so you can stay happy and healthy. As Disney Cast Members and Employees, you can schedule an annual physical with your primary care physician (PCP) that’s 100% covered by your AdventHealth CastCare health plan through Disney once per year.

At your annual physical, also known as a preventive care visit, you can earn $100 for attending and up to another $200 in rewards for healthy weight and blood pressure results under Disney’s Wellness Rewards Program. Keep in mind, though, that should you need a prescription or to talk further about another condition, that visit is more comprehensive than a preventive care visit and would be subject to the regular copay for a primary care visit.

Getting Ready for Your Appointment

Nothing is more important to us than you, so we’ve added some extra safety measures to protect your health and help you feel comfortable before, during and after your in-office visit. These safety measures include:

  • Mandatory temperature checks at office entrances
  • Masks for everyone
  • Separate care areas for those who have symptoms of COVID-19
  • Social distancing throughout our facilities

We’ve redesigned our waiting rooms to help you better practice social distancing. You may see covers on chairs that say “Thank you for leaving this seat empty. We’re social distancing to keep you safe.”

We are limiting the number of people in each facility at all times. To minimize your contact with others, you may also be able to check in and wait for your appointment in your car. When you come inside, you may notice barriers like screens at registration desks.

Prepare in Advance

Regular wellness care can help you prevent a health issue before it occurs. Make the most of your annual visit by taking a few extra steps beforehand.

Write Your Questions Down

It’s probably happened at least once. The question was on the tip of your tongue, but you only remembered it in the parking lot afterward. Write down questions you have for your PCP, such as what medication you need to take or what screenings you should consider.

What questions you have will depend on your appointment. But some basic ones include:

  • What preventive care screenings do I need to schedule?
  • What are the side effects of any medications I’m on?
  • What should I do, specifically, to schedule this blood test (if you have one)? When will I get the results?
  • Where can I find other information about preventive care for my age, including a brochure or website?

We know that asking questions can be hard. You may feel like your doctor will tell you everything that’s important. And while doctors try to put themselves in your shoes, they depend on patients to ask questions.

These days, most people turn to the internet first about their health issues. That’s normal — the answers may be at your fingertips, after all — and it would be silly to tell you to stay offline. But we want you to come to the appointment armed with the correct information.

What to Do During the Appointment

First, make sure you ask your most important questions first. Some of your most burning questions are likely to be around any next steps suggested by your PCP.

This includes information on any illness you may have — perhaps a brochure, a website to reference or an informational packet printed by your doctor to give to you as you leave. It also describes both what your doctor will do (like prescribe medicine) and what you will do, like change what you eat.

If it is at all complicated, ask for it to be written down. Understanding your treatment plan is essential. After all, most of our health is determined by what happens outside of the doctor’s office.

If you have more questions or are confused after you leave, call your doctor’s office — they can connect you with the right information or they may have a nurse line you can call for immediate answers.

Be sure to sign up for the AdventHealth app, as your care plan will also be there for your review at your convenience.

Pediatric Care

Focusing on whole-person care is important for every member of your family, including the little ones. Before your child goes back to school (whether in-person or by virtual learning), it’s necessary to stay up to date on their wellness visits and physicals with the pediatrician.

Back-to-school physicals (also called well-child exams) are a chance for the doctor to evaluate your child’s growth and development, screen for common childhood conditions and make sure immunizations are up to date.

Before the visit, think about any questions you have related to your child’s health. Maybe you’re worried about your child’s new routine, sleep habits, screen time or fitness level. If so, be sure to write your questions down. Back-to-school physicals can be busy, and it’s easy to forget what you wanted to ask.

When you check in for your child’s appointment, let the care provider know about your questions so they can give the doctor a heads up.

If you need a pediatrician or PCP, AdventHealth is here to help. Speak to the Member Experience Center by calling Call855-757-7576.

Video Visits

We know it’s not always easy (or preferred) to leave your home for medical visits, so we’ve expanded our virtual care options, and, as a Disney Cast Member or Employee, these visits are available at no cost to you. Video visits, sometimes also called telehealth or virtual visits, allow you to safely talk from home with your doctor about any new or ongoing health conditions.

A virtual visit is the closest option to an in-person visit, providing a convenient option for a face-to-face appointment with your primary care physician, specialist or other health care provider. In many cases, your provider can deliver a diagnosis and treatment plan just like you would during an in-person visit.

If you need a prescription, your provider will call it into your pharmacy. Many providers will also follow up to check on you after you connect online.

More Information

We’re here to help keep your family safe by providing compassionate, whole-person care at every age. Call the Member Experience Center at Call855-747-7476 to find a doctor or ask any questions you may have.

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