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Welcome! Thank you for joining the Advent Health (formerly Florida Hospital) Total CareConnect with iPad HMO through your Disney benefits. We are honored you have selected us as your healthcare team for 2019 and are looking forward to a healthy year together.

To more easily manage your healthcare in 2019 you will be receiving an iPad to access eCare and HelloWell to keep you connected and in control. Your iPad will be sent to you in the third or fourth week of January. If you do not receive your iPad by the end of January, please contact the Member Experience Center at Call855-747-7476. Remember, only one iPad is being delivered to the primary policyholder of the household.

You are now connected to AdventHeath’s expansive network of doctors, labs, urgent care centers, hospital facilities and telehealth options who all work to keep your care connected and convenient. Benefits available to you include:

  • Member Experience Center - Your one stop for your healthcare questions. You can chat online or call in to speak to one of our experts for fast and easy assistance or to find a physician and schedule an appointment. Program Call855-747-7476 into your phone now for easy access when you need it!
  • Health Management Team – Nurse managers work with you and your Primary Care Physician to develop a customized care plan. Your Health Management Team can help you manage medications, lose weight, stop smoking or develop an exercise plan so you won’t have to manage your care alone.
  • HelloWell – Your patient portal providing access to your health information 24/7/365 on or through an app already downloaded on your iPad. Search for HelloWell on the Apple App Store or Google Play today to download it to your smartphone or tablet! You can schedule appointments, chat with a representative and manage health documents for you and your family members on your schedule.
  • eCare – Urgent care right from your home. Physicians can conduct an appointment via video-chat through your phone or iPad and can resolve most common ailments saving you time and money. For 2019, Disney Cast Members and Employees have $0 copay when using eCare! Search for eCare on the Apple App Store or Google Play today to download it to your smartphone or tablet! When signing up for eCare please be sure to enter your information exactly how it appears on your insurance card.

You can download HelloWell and eCare now on the Apple App Store or Google Play so they are ready when you need them.

Start your healthy 2019 now by getting set up with a Primary Care Physician! Your Primary Care Physician is your medical expert that guides you along your healthcare journey. They can help you manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease and can spot abnormalities in your health sooner than later. Outside of an emergency, your Primary Care Physician should be your first call as they know more about your health than any other provider. Call Call855-747-7476 now to get set up with a Primary Care Physician!

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