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Latest technology in incision-free brain surgery debuts at AdventHealth

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AdventHealth Orlando debuts Gamma Knife Elekta Esprit

This spring, AdventHealth Orlando debuted Gamma Knife Elekta Esprit, the latest technology in outpatient, incision-free radiosurgery for treating brain tumors, lesions and other neurological conditions once considered inoperable.

Using precise beams of radiation, Gamma Knife pinpoints specific areas of the brain that need treatment while leaving surrounding healthy tissue untouched. There are no incisions or anesthesia, and patients can go home the say day.

During the procedure, an experienced team that includes a neurosurgeon, radiation oncologist and medical physicist work together to devise a treatment plan, isolate areas of the brain for treatment and ensure accuracy.

“The beauty of Gamma Knife is it can administer a very high dose of radiation to a very small and specific area, and literally within a millimeter or two there’s negligible to no radiation at all,” said Dr. Melvin Field, neurosurgeon at AdventHealth. “It is the most precise technology in terms of radiation that exists today.”

The Gamma Knife system has been used for more than half a million successful surgeries around the world, and the AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute is the only facility in Central Florida that offers this lifesaving treatment.

AdventHealth has performed over 5,000 Gamma Knife procedures since 1999, and since then, invested in numerous upgrades to improve the preciseness of treatments and, in turn, patient outcomes.

“We are very firm believers in the concept of radiosurgery and the platform of Gamma Knife,” said Dr. Imran Mohiuddin, radiation oncologist with AdventHealth. “We’re proud to be the only institution in Central Florida that offers this revolutionary treatment option, and our patients travel from out of state and even internationally to come to our institution to get this care.”

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