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Former inmate gets new lease on life thanks to AdventHealth, Pathlight Home and Operation New Hope

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Julien Key faced challenges in his life and struggled with a lack of direction, which led him to serve a 10-year sentence in prison. When he was released, he joined Operation New Hope, a reentry program that supports and trains people returning home from prison. As part of the program's career development training, he completed classes in resume writing, technology and financial literacy.

“They linked me to a culinary program and the culinary program actually led me to this job at AdventHealth,” Key told Spectrum News 13.

AdventHealth’s community partner Pathlight HOME supports homeless and low-income Floridians by providing affordable housing and economic opportunities. Key enrolled in their culinary training program where he honed his skills while surrounded by a supportive community that believed in his potential. He started working at AdventHealth Orlando as a grill cook in October after graduating from the program.

His job has given him purpose and considers it a blessing, crediting God for his success.

“You have patients here at the hospital. Their families come in, they’re going through it. So if I see that, they may say something. I get a name and I pray for them,” said Key.

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