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ER diagnosis saves Central Florida teen from potential kidney loss

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A diagnosis in the ER helped save the life of an injured Central Florida teen.

Mackenzie Smoley, an Orlando teen, loves to ride her electric scooter. A seemingly minor accident on the scooter drove the handlebars into the teen’s midsection, knocking her to the ground. What happened afterward knocked her family for a loop.

Other than feeling embarrassed, Mackenzie, 14, had no visible bruises or scratches – just some discomfort. Her mom, Sharon Smoley, didn’t think the injuries were serious.

After resting all day Sunday, Mackenzie returned to school Monday and the pain returned to the point that she was unable to walk up stairs. She went to the school nurse, who called mom to suggest that mom take Mackenzie to a doctor.

Sharon Smoley took her daughter to AdventHealth Orlando ER and physicians performed a scan that revealed something unexpected: The teen had a lacerated kidney with internal bleeding that, if left untreated, could result in a loss of that kidney – or worse.

WESH-2 News shares the story of how a visit to an AdventHealth ER following the fall led to advanced care that saved a teenager’s life.

Sharon’s message for parents: If your child has any traumatic accident, it is worth the trip to the ER.

“If there is ever a question, you go,” she said.

Emergency room doctors make shocking discovery that saved Central Florida teen’s life

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