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Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti and AdventHealth for Children pediatrician discuss the Southeast’s first lifespan Down syndrome clinic

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Mark Tremonti and Stacy McConkey headshots
Mark Tremonti, Grammy winner and Creed guitarist (left) and Dr. Stacy McConkey, pediatrician, AdventHealth for Children (right)

The new SMILE with Stella Tremonti Down Syndrome Clinic is the only lifespan program of its kind in the Southeast, according to Dr. Stacy McConkey, a pediatrician with AdventHealth for Children. She said unlike other pediatric practices that stop when patients turn 18, this comprehensive care system supports babies, kids and adults with Down syndrome and their families from pregnancy through adulthood.

In this episode of the Inspiring Wholeness podcast, McConkey joins Mark Tremonti, Grammy winner and Creed guitarist, to discuss the clinic, which was named after his daughter, Stella and her bright smile. Tremonti, and his wife, Victoria, are founding donors of SMILE with Stella through their nonprofit organization Take a Chance for Charity.

“I have these sky's the limit kind of visions for the clinic,” Tremonti said. “I want it to be the anchor for families with members of Down syndrome from around the world to come here. They know it's the most comprehensive health care system they can find for the family member with Down syndrome.”

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