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AdventHealth donates $1 million for Pulse memorial, scholarships and diversity education

onePulse Museum Exterior.

ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 11, 2019 — AdventHealth will award the onePULSE Foundation $1 million to help build the National Pulse Memorial and Museum, and develop educational curriculum focused on diversity and inclusion. As part of the gift, AdventHealth University will annually provide a $15,000 scholarship to a recipient seeking a career in health care as selected by the foundation.

The non-for-profit onePULSE Foundation was established to honor the 49 people killed, the survivors, first-responders and health care professionals who cared for the victims in the 2016 attack at the Pulse nightclub. The National Pulse Memorial and Museum, projected to open in 2022, will serve as a “sanctuary of healing and beacon of hope.” A representative from AdventHealth will be a founding member of the onePULSE Faith Council.

More than a dozen victims of the attack were treated at AdventHealth Orlando and AdventHealth chaplains offered support to victims’ loved ones both at the hospital and at the family support center in the hours, days and weeks after the tragedy.

“AdventHealth is a faith-based organization committed to whole-person care in our community, which includes treating body, mind and spirit,” said Daryl Tol, president and CEO of AdventHealth’s Central Florida Division. “Part of that commitment is healing broken hearts and helping mend the brokenhearted. Our hope is this memorial will foster the healing process, and inspire a spirit of love and compassion, as well as a sense of gratitude for the first responders, clinical professionals, and other heroes who acted so selflessly after the unspeakable attack on our community.”

A portion of AdventHealth’s initial gift will go toward the construction of the National Pulse Memorial and Museum. Gifts in the subsequent years will support onePULSE Academy, a diversity and inclusion curriculum that will be available inside the museum, for use in schools and in corporate environments.

“We are extremely grateful for this generous gift from AdventHealth and their outstanding commitment to whole-person care in our community,” said Barbara Poma, onePULSE Foundation CEO. “Donations like this are critical to help us fulfill our mission and we appreciate their leadership in inspiring others to give.”

onePULSE will consider many factors when assessing scholarship applicants, including the applicant’s personal story, financial need or independence, strong academic or self-improvement interest, and proven track record of leadership, community involvement and/or work experience. Preference will be given to applicants who are immediate family members of the 49 victims, as well as all the survivors of the tragedy.