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A day in the life of Osceola’s only ER specifically for kids

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A visit to the emergency room is stressful at any age. For children, an ER visit can be especially frightening. AdventHealth Celebration’s pediatric emergency room combines a child-friendly ambiance to help alleviate those fears and a comprehensive team that specializes in care for children.

AdventHealth Celebration has the only dedicated pediatric ER in Osceola County which was created in collaboration with AdventHealth for Children. “Our [pediatric] ER provides a calming environment for families, and importantly, our caregivers are experts in pediatric medicine,” said Doug Harcombe, AdventHealth’s South Market CEO which includes hospitals in Osceola County. “It’s important that we provide that specialized care in a setting that’s close to home for many of our patients.”

The ER features a dedicated pediatric emergency entrance, triage, registration and waiting area. The unit also features ocean murals with friendly, colorful characters on the walls designed to be soothing for children.

TJ Weaver at work in the AdventHealth Celebration pediatric emergency room

“In a pediatric ER, all we do is take care of kids, newborn all the way up to [age] 18,” said TJ Weaver, a pediatric emergency nurse at AdventHealth Celebration. “All of our staff are trained in pediatric emergency medicine.”

AdventHealth Celebration serves the attractions area along with Orange, Osceola and Polk counties. More than 15,000 of the nearly 70,000 ER visits every year, come through the hospital’s pediatric emergency room.

Click the video above to experience what it’s like to be a nurse in the AdventHealth Celebration pediatric emergency room.

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