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With a broken arm, doctor performs life-saving CPR in hospital parking lot

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Dr Jones reunites with heart attack survivor Kevin Keyes

An avid mountain biker, Kevin Keyes, 56, experienced significant numbness in his arm and chest pressure after finishing his ride. With a history of heart issues in his family, Kevin was concerned and called his wife, Lynn. When she arrived home about 30 minutes later, his symptoms worsened.

As Lynn rushed Kevin to AdventHealth New Smyrna Beach, he lost consciousness.

Arriving at the hospital’s main entrance, Lynn ran inside looking for help and encountered Dr. Joe Jones on his way to the cafeteria for lunch with his arm in a cast.

Understanding the urgency of the moment, the AdventHealth Medical Group hospitalist responded without hesitation despite his broken arm, rushing to the aid of the New Smyrna Beach residents and performing CPR for 20 minutes in the parking lot.

"Every second counts in a cardiac emergency, and I could tell Kevin hadn’t had a heartbeat for a while. I did what any health care professional would do—whatever it takes to save a life," Jones said. “After performing CPR on Kevin for what seemed like an eternity, I saw his pupils dilate, he took a breath, and in that moment, God breathed life back into Kevin.”

After his recovery from a heart attack, Kevin Keyes and his wife Lynn return to AdventHealth New Smyrna Beach to thank Dr. Joe Jones.

Kevin was further stabilized in the emergency department and doctors detected the culprit: a 100% blockage in his artery.

In the hospital’s catheterization lab, interventional cardiologist Dr. Ravi Rao successfully cleared the blockage, putting him on the path to recovery.

As Kevin healed at AdventHealth New Smyrna Beach, Jones was a familiar face, serving as his attending physician throughout his stay.

"I am so thankful to Dr. Jones,” Kevin said. “He did not have to come out to the car. He did not have to work for 20 minutes to revive me, but he did. I am so thankful for all he did.”

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