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Revolutionary Procedure Offering New Solution for Brain Tumor Patients

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Brain tumor patients can now take part in a revolutionary therapy treatment option called GammaTile®. This surgically targeted radiation therapy (STaRT) uses small collagen tiles embedded with radiation seeds that are placed at the site of a brain tumor immediately after it’s removed.

The tiles provide immediate and constant radiation for up to two months after the tumor is removed, limiting the cancer cells’ ability to reoccur. AdventHealth Neurosurgeon Melvin Field, MD , and Radiation Oncologist Imran Mohiuddin, MD , performed the first GammaTile procedure in Central Florida in early 2021, providing a new treatment solution for local brain tumor patients.


New Hope for Brain Tumor Patients

Three pieces of GammaTile, each showcasing their sides

For these patients and their families, this new treatment option brings hope. Currently, over  700,000 Americans  live with brain tumors. Despite the efforts of brain tumor specialists throughout the world, the outcomes of patients with malignant brain tumors have improved very little over time.

GammaTile, which became available to patients with recurrent brain tumors in January 2019, is one of the most recent treatment options approved by the FDA for the treatment of brain tumors.


How Does GammaTile Work?

A piece of GammaTile being taken out from its tray.

GammaTile is a biocompatible, permanent collagen tile implant that delivers radiation therapy to the area where the brain tumor was removed. The number of tiles used will depend on the size and location of the patient’s tumor. After the tiles are placed, GammaTile immediately begins delivering an even dose of radiation to the target area. Over time, the body naturally absorbs the collagen tile, and the titanium sources remain.

While a patient is in surgery to remove the brain tumor, Dr. Field and Dr. Mohiuddin decide how many tiles should be used and where they should be placed.


A Quick and Beneficial Procedure

From there, “It only takes about five minutes for me to place the tiles, then we close up the incision,” explains Dr. Field. Most patients don’t require a longer stay in the hospital because of the GammaTile therapy, and the need to possibly travel for radiation treatment after surgery is eliminated.

A close look at a piece of GammaTile

GammaTile benefits also include:

  • Assurance that treatment is received
  • Help to preserve the quality of life
  • Limit to radiation exposure
  • Minimized side effects, including hair loss
  • Reduced time, travel and cost associated with added treatments

Most patients also experience fewer side effects from GammaTile therapy when compared to other radiation treatment options. However, following the surgery and tile placement, some patients have reported:

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Neuro-deficit
  • Seizures
  • Skin irritation
  • Vomiting


Candidates for GammaTile Therapy

As the first treatment specifically designed for use in the brain, GammaTile therapy is unlike other radiation treatments. It’s recommended that GammaTile not be used if you have a known history of hypersensitivity to bovine-derived materials, and is intended to be used in patients with newly diagnosed malignant brain tumors, as well as recurrent brain tumors.


Reach Out Today to Learn More

Our neurological care team at AdventHealth can provide leading-edge treatments along with world-class expertise. To learn more about GammaTile therapy with Dr. Field and Dr. Mohiuddin, visit AdventHealth's Neuroscience Institute.

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