Motherhood Tips: Four Easy Ways to Care for Your Body

Shakira does a home workout with her infant.
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As a mother, and especially as a newly postpartum mother, it’s hard to make sure we are doing the things necessary to care for our own bodies.

As a matter of fact, there are far too many days that I give every ounce of energy I have, to the people I love most, without much thought of my own physical well being. I have to do better. We moms have to do better. We cannot pour from empty cups, and stronger, more nurtured bodies mean only positive things for the people we care for.

Here, I share some of the simple ways I plan to care for my body while also serving the needs of busy motherhood.

1. Keep Up With Your Wellness Visits

I have personal experience with keeping up with all of my children’s well visits, while not even having a primary care physician of my own.

Make it a priority to get yourself in for well visits, eye exams, dental cleanings, physical therapy, and whatever checkups you’ve been putting off. Even if that means planning weeks/months in advance and having to figure out childcare.

We must keep our wellness at the forefront. Make your appointment, and then encourage your girlfriends to make theirs too. Hold one another accountable.

2. Get Out and Get Moving

Make getting up and moving your body a habit. Even a short burst of intentional exercise can be huge.

I make it a point to get some time outside, even if it’s a short stroll around the neighborhood to stretch my legs and get in some vitamin D.

After being cleared at my 6-week postpartum appointment, I found some mommy and baby exercise classes online. Small safe moves that allow me to hold and engage with baby Xander at home. There are classes like this for moms at all stages.

When Raegan was about three months, I started taking Stroller Strides classes with FIT4MOM and that afforded me a great workout while bringing my babies along in the stroller.

Ask for recommendations online, or do a search to find something that serves your needs.

3. Eat The Rainbow

I’m not saying you have to prepare gourmet meals 4 times a day, just that we should be trying to incorporate fresh fruits and veggies in our diets.

Having oatmeal or cereal? Throw some fresh berries or apple slices on top. Make baby carrots or sliced cucumber an easy-to-grab snack from the fridge.

We have a small backyard garden, and my girls think it's so much fun to go check on it each day. It teaches them about where fresh food comes from and gets them excited to incorporate those yummy items into our meals.

4. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Working, cooking, homeschooling, breastfeeding-- it takes a lot out of us.

Moms are constantly on-the-go, and it’s easy to fall victim to dehydration. Part of being well is making sure our bodies are getting adequate water.

Purchase a refillable water bottle to keep in your car or diaper bag. Eat food that is rich in water like cucumber and watermelon.

Give yourself a goal, and check-in throughout the day. I have an app on my Apple watch that buzzes me with little reminders throughout the day. It really helps me to stay on top of my hydration.

Do More for Your Body, Mind and Spirit. Take a look at our tips and more resources designed to help you feel whole at

Shakira Patterson

Writer: Shakira Patterson

Shakira is the motherhood lifestyle blogger behind She lives in the Fort Bragg area of North Carolina, with her active duty military husband, her two toddler girls; Raegan and Zarie, and their newborn son, Xander. She loves travel, Disney, and finding ways to turn up the magic, and make memories as a family. She is a serial holiday celebrator and celebration enthusiast.

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