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At AdventHealth Whole Health Institute, located in Overland Park, Kansas, you’ll find care that puts you at the center of every decision and every treatment recommendation. Care that pulls from many proven care philosophies, approaches and treatments.

No matter your choices, one thing remains true: An unwavering focus on your health, your life and your needs. Learn more from Megan Schlick, ND, of the Whole Health Institute, about holistic medicine and how it can help you.

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What Is Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine?

Your health is made up of so much more than your physical well-being. It includes your mental health and stressors, your spiritual health and inner peace. It even includes what you eat, how you sleep, where you live and the relationships you have with others.

And when each of those pieces come together, they form a clear and whole picture of you.

Integrative and naturopathic medicine is an approach to health care that uses natural, non-toxic therapies to treat the whole person and encourage the self-healing process. Our team works alongside your conventional medical team to help uncover underlying causes of your ailments. Therefore, our providers do not provide primary care but rather serve as one member of your multidisciplinary care team, exploring options that may complement or supplement other care you receive.

Our team looks far beyond your physical health and dives into each of these areas to develop a plan that’s tailored to your needs. And, because you’re a complex, unique individual, integrative medicine pulls from evidence-based medicine and healing from around the world to help you feel your best. It’s this flexible and holistic approach that supports you, nurtures you and empowers you to reach your health goals.

Nutrition and Diabetes Symposium

Nutrition Services to Help You Feel Whole

Nutrition is the foundation of whole health and vitality. We offer various nutritional programs that are available either in-person or virtually:

The best place to start experiencing the healing power of food and healthful dietary changes is in your own kitchen. We combine the enjoyment of food with the scientific knowledge of how dietary choices may influence metabolism, immune function and the development of chronic diseases.

Patients who have an appointment with our dietitian are encouraged to fill out the nutrition intake form prior to their visit and bring it with them.

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A Note About Integrative Care

Integrative and naturopathic medicine providers are not Primary Care Providers and their care often isn’t covered by health insurance. Treatments are available on a self-pay basis and may be reimbursable through your health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA). We recommend contacting your insurance provider in advance to understand your options.