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In Pain Free For Life, Dr. Scott C. Brady – founder of Florida Hospital’s Brady Institute for Health – shares for the first time with the general public his dramatically successful solution for chronic back pain, Fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, Irritable bowel syndrome and other "impossible to cure" pains. Dr. Brady leads pain-racked readers to a pain-free life using powerful mind-body-spirit strategies used at the Brady Institute – where more than 80 percent of his chronic-pain patients have achieved 80-100 percent pain relief within weeks.

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"Dr. Brady's program is an exciting approach to a chronic problem that has affected the lives of millions. A "must read" book for anyone with chronic back pain!" — Winnie King, MD, Emmy-winning PBS TV host and Radio host of "Good Health with Dr. Winnie King"

"Nothing worked until I used Dr. Brady's program - it took away the pain completely. Now I know you don't have to be conquered by pain — Debbie, family counselor and mother

"I’ve been pain-free for eight years straight. I’m not living my life cautiously or with the fear of triggering the pain again. I feel like I’m eighteen years old. This program changes your whole lifestyle – because you get rid of the pain permanently." — Mike, suffered from chronic lower back pain.

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Scott Brady, MD, has spent the last decade developing his holistic, noninvasive treatments for chronic or recurrent pain. In 1998, he founded the Brady Institute for Health at AdventHealth, where his powerful techniques have helped hundreds of patients overcome debilitating pain that routine therapies have failed to heal. Dr. Brady and his family live in Orlando, Florida.

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