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Without question, lifestyle is the No. 1 “disease” and killer of Americans today—and there's no drug, treatment, or procedure to cure it. Dr. Reed merges the best of science and lifestyle as she prescribes eight powerful and scientifically proven essentials to reverse the negative effects of lifestyle, prevent disease, and achieve total health and wellness: Choice - Rest - Environment - Activity - Trust - Interpersonal Relations - Outlook - Nutrition. In addition to Dr. Reed's principles to achieve whole- person health, The CREATION Health Breakthrough features her unique 3-Day Total Body Rejuvenation Therapy and her 8-Week Lifestyle Transformation Plan.

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“Follow this guide to a personal weekend retreat that will integrate healthy behaviors into your lifestyle and rejuvenate your life experience!" — Mehmet Oz, MD, Professor and vice chairman of surgery, Columbia University, and bestselling coauthor of You: The Owner's Manual

“The health-care system in our nation is based on sickness rather than wellness. The CREATION Health Breakthrough focuses on those things that were given to us by our Creator in order that we might maximize our health” — Ben Carson, MD, Director of pediatric neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins Hospital, and author of Gifted Hands, Think Big and The Big Picture

“Most of us want a healthy, energy-packed life - but only a handful of us have learned how to get it. In The CREATION Health Breakthrough, Dr. Reed proves to be both wise physician and master motivator. Read this book and don't put it down until you've mastered its message. You'll be glad you did!" -- Barry C. Black, Ph.D., D.Min., D.D., United States Senate Chaplain, Rear Admiral (ret), US Navy, Author of From the Hood to the Hill.

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As a physician, speaker, author, and former CEO of AdventHealth state of the art facility Celebration Health, Dr. Reed has dedicated her professional career to promoting health, healing, and wellness.

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