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The invitation to Imagine A Healthy 100 is not a warrantee or guarantee —it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to examine the best practices of the All-Stars of Longevity and learn their secrets. It’s an opportunity to make lifestyle changes that can transform your future. It’s an opportunity to discover the spirit of a Healthy 100 no matter what your age or current health status. On the journey with Dr. Des Cummings Jr., through the 8 Secrets and you'll meet Brian, whose close encounter with death from heart disease forced a total makeover, including dietary changes, changes in his attitudes, a new purpose for living, and a commitment to lifelong learning about healthy living.  You’ll meet Gladys, who at ninety-two became the oldest woman to complete an official Marathon. 

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You’ll meet Jim, a physically fit, lifelong vegetarian who was shocked to learn he had diabetes in his mid-30s and what he did daily to overcome the obstacles in his path.  You’ll meet three generations of the Houmann family determined to pass on a legacy of health and generosity to future generations.  These are all people like you. Though you may not share the exact same situations, challenges, limitations, abilities, or disabilities, you do share the same opportunity – to live “life to the full”. You’ll be inspired by their stories and informed by the health principles they practice. Dig in and imagine living to a Healthy 100!

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Dr. Cummings served as Executive Vice President for AdventHealth.  He is committed to the concept of empowering patients to take charge of their health and distributing medical knowledge into the community.  Dr. Cummings is the author or co-author of four books and numerous articles including the bestselling book Creation Health Discovery (over 900,000 sold). He speaks to national and international conferences on the future of healthcare specializing in strategies for whole person care, healthy communities and the hospital of the future.

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