Florida Simulation Summit Showcases Central Florida’s Strengths

Physician working with medical equipment
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Central Florida is known for its tourism spots, but did you know it is also a leader in the simulation industry? The Florida Simulation Summit, held September 16, showcased Central Florida as a leader in simulation with contributions to everything from medicine to entertainment. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Mayor Teresa Jacobs spoke to attendees about how Orlando is the hub for simulation in the United States because of the varying types of companies in Orange County. High-profile companies including Disney and Universal Studios as well as industrial companies like Duke Energy and Lockheed Martin attended to represent the industry. Companies discussed how the $5 billion business is not only booming, but heavily benefiting Central Florida.

Our CTO, Dr. Roger Smith, sat on the medical simulation panel, where he had the opportunity to discuss the development of simulation devices and training programs. We believe in showcasing Central Florida’s strengths and diversity in the industry, and we are working hard to play a leading role in simulation and the future of training and the future of medicine. Robotic simulation has opened the door to different approaches to training and learning for real-world application. We hold these types of labs to advance the application of team training, laparoscopic surgery, simulation in nursing education and robotic surgery. We also offer simulated patient rooms identical to functioning hospital rooms for professionals to practice patient care skills before taking on the real thing.

With all its entertainment and tourism opportunities, it’s no wonder Central Florida has become a hub for the medical industry, but we’re aiming to expand these opportunities even further to make Central Florida’s simulation district like no other region. If you would like to learn more about the Nicholson Center and its contributions to the community’s research, contact us by clicking below to schedule a visit.


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