5 Things You Need to Know About Your Stay in Orlando

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The Orlando area is well-known worldwide for tourist attractions including Cinderella’s castle at Disney and top-rated roller coasters at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure. Those in the medical community know that Orlando is so much more than a tourist attraction because some of the country’s highest-rated medical facilities are anchored in the Orlando area, including the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center, Medical City in Lake Nona, Florida Hospital Celebration Health, and Adventist University of Health Sciences. Traveling to a new city for a long-term educational opportunity can be stressful. We asked the local experts at 407apartments.com, an Orlando apartment guide that specializes in connecting renters with an apartment that fits their lifestyle and budget for their top 5 things to consider for medical professionals traveling to Orlando.

1. How long will you be in Orlando?

You will need to consider the length of your stay in Orlando before choosing a hotel, extended stay, or leasing an apartment. Hotels and extended stay options are best if you are staying anywhere from a day or two to a few months. If you plan to be in Orlando for 6 months or more, we highly suggest exploring apartment options. Apartments are typically leased for 12-months, but many communities in Orlando have short term options at a premium. Be sure to tell the apartment community right away if you plan to stay for less than 6 months so they can provide you with an appropriate quote that includes any short-term rental premiums.

2. What will you need to furnish your temporary home?

Apartment rentals in Orlando are traditionally not equipped with furniture, dishware, or linens as a hotel would. You will need to make plans to purchase or rent any home essentials like bedroom sets or living area furniture that you may need. The good news is, apartments do typically come with a full appliance package, so your kitchen will come fully equipped with everything you need to cook a meal, and often include extras like a microwave or dishwasher. If you anticipate needing an apartment home with a washer and dryer, check out this list of apartments with a washer and dryer included.

3. What area of Orlando is best for you?

Orlando is a sprawling city with many major highways connecting suburbs to business districts such as Downtown Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Nona, Celebration and the theme parks areas. Traffic can be an issue in Orlando during rush hour depending on which roads you will need to access your medical event or fellowship. Our best suggestion is to use Google Maps to map your route between 8 to 9 am and 5 to 6 pm to preview how long your commute might take from your temporary apartment to the hospital or medical campus you will be training at. An apartment may seem close to work based on a map of Orlando; however, a short drive could turn into a journey depending on the roads you must take.

4. Would you consider staying with a roommate?

If you are budget conscious, finding a roommate could result in major savings for you and your future roomie. Communicate with the team who will be running your program to see if there are any other medical professionals coming to Orlando during the same time frame as you. There are a plethora of two-bedroom apartment options in Orlando that are great for sharing with a roommate. Our best advice is to look for a split floor plan with rooms on opposite sides of the living area, and preferably with 2 bathrooms. As a bonus, you’ll also be able to split utilities, cable and the Internet, and any amenity fees with your roommate.

5. What community amenities are important to you?

Apartments, hotels and extended stay options in Orlando and Celebration are known for having top-notch luxury amenities that can include: pools, dog parks, fitness centers, clubhouses, and more. If you plan on spending most of your non-training hours resting or exploring Orlando’s attractions, you may not need a full list of amenities at your future apartment, hotel or extended stay option. Consider which amenities that are most important to you.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to have some fun!

Kids dream of visiting Orlando to meet Mickey and Minnie. We are sure you’ve been bragging to friends and family that you’re traveling to Orlando for your fellowship and training, so don’t forget to take advantage of attractions while you’re here! We suggest exploring the suggestions on Trip Advisor to find things to do in Orlando. Whether you’re a nature lover looking for Orlando’s best State Parks, or a thrill seeker searching for the fastest roller coaster, get out there and have some fun!

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