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From Concept to Reality

Bringing You the Future of Medicine

If you can dream it, you can do it. That’s why we’ve reimagined when and how to deliver outstanding health care in Kissimmee, Florida, to our family, friends and neighbors. 

Take a walk through the very first renderings of AdventHealth Health Park Osceola to see how a friendly face will greet you when you arrive. Explore the different services and support available to you, and once we’re open, visit us to experience how we’re redefining convenient health care. 

How Can AdventHealth Health Park Osceola Help You?

Our Services

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  • Imaging

    On-site X-rays, ultrasounds and other imaging services give you and your provider the answers you need, fast. Get back on the road to recovery with our imaging services.

  • Lab Services

    We’re making it easier to get lab work done and we quickly deliver results to your physician. From routine blood work to tests that identify health conditions, we’re here for you.

  • Retail Primary Care

    Benefit from same-day appointments with experienced providers. We can diagnose and treat minor illnesses and injuries, all while keeping your physician updated.

  • Sleep Services

    Good health starts with good sleep. If you’re tossing and turning at night, get answers with our sleep specialists so you can start waking up refreshed.

  • Specialty Medicine

    We offer convenient access to specialized care to help you feel your best, from heart care to diabetes management and much more.

  • Sports Medicine and Rehab

    Get back in the game with our experienced and compassionate sports medicine and rehab team. Together, we’ll map out a plan to get you moving again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering Your Questions About Convenient Care

Whole health starts with a strong body, mind and spirit. Start your journey to better health with streamlined services at AdventHealth Health Park Osceola.

Not sure how or when to use us? Review our list of frequently asked questions. We’re here to help you feel your best.

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Will AdventHealth Health Park Osceola Replace My Primary Care Provider?

Your primary care provider is, and will continue to be, a key part of managing your whole health. The physician you see and office you visit is the “home base” of your health care. That doesn’t change with the services available at AdventHealth Health Park Osceola. 

Instead, think of these services as additional resources to help you on your journey to whole health with convenient access to specialists, physicians and services when you need them most, including evenings and weekends.  

Do You Accept My Insurance?

AdventHealth Health Park Osceola accepts most types of major insurance. You can review the complete list of insurance providers we work with. And rest assured that if you see an AdventHealth physician, your insurance will be accepted here, too.

When Should I Visit the Retail Primary Care Instead of My Provider?

Illness and injury can happen at any time. If you need to see a doctor after the office has closed for the day, one of our experienced providers may be able to see you the same day. 

And, if you need to see a doctor during regular business hours but your doctor isn’t available, you can be confident in the care you’ll receive in our clinic. Physicians in the AdventHealth network will also have access to your medical chart, which makes follow-up and communication with your primary care physician easier than ever. 

What Care Is Available at the Retail Clinic?

Our retail primary care office is staffed by multidisciplinary experts. We offer many different services, from preventive care to immunizations and diagnosis of mild injury and illnesses. 

What Specialty Services Are Available?

Upon opening, we will offer optional services, including:

  • Audiology 
  • Dentistry
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Optometry
Do I Need a Referral?

You will need a referral from your primary care physician for many of our services. You do not, however, need a referral to the retail primary care clinic. This is a walk-in clinic that enables you to see a physician on the same day.